Alexas Hope

(2011) p,4,1.55.2f $126,336
Cams Card Shark
p,3,1.50.0m $2,498,204
Vain In Spain
p,4,1.54.2f $72,433
Cam Fella
p,4,1.53.1m $2,041,367
Jefs Magic Trick
p,2,2.02.0f $28,340
p,4,1.49.2m $3,085,083
Open Plains
p,2,1.54.4s $100,559
Most Happy Fella
Nan Cam
B Gs Bunny
Meadow Trick
Miss Elvira
Western Hanover
VAIN IN SPAIN p,4,1.54.2f $72,433 by Artsplace. Dam of:
ALEXAS HOPE p,4,1.55.2f (m, Cams Card Shark) Winner of 19 races and $126,336
THAT GIRL OF MINE p,4,1.57.4h (m, Rocknroll Hanover) Winner of 11 races and $38,183
OPEN PLAINS p,2,1.54.4s $100,559 by Western Hanover. Dam of:
INSANE IN SPAIN p,3,1.51.3s (h, Real Desire) Winner of 27 races and $266,620
MIGHTY ART p,3,1.54.2f (g, Artsplace) Winner of 16 races and $158,843
VAIN IN SPAIN p,4,1.54.2f (m, Artsplace) Winner of 8 races and $72,433. As Above.
Open Skies p,3,2.00.0h (m, Skydancer Hanover) Winner of 12 races and $37,286
OH THATSIMPRESSIVE p,3,1.55.0s (m, Artiscape) Winner of 1 race and $3,000
Lake Champagne (m, Artsplace)
Mahogany Blaze (m, Artsplace)
GABRIELLE p,4,1.51.0m $139,376 by Dragons Lair. Dam of:
WON THE WEST p,5,1.47.0m (h, Western Hanover) Winner of 36 races and $3,977,956
At 3, winner of PASS div at The Meadows
VISIBLE GOLD p,5,1.49.3f (g, Bettors Delight) Winner of 43 races and $529,552
OPEN PLAINS p,2,1.54.4s (m, Western Hanover) Winner of 3 races and $100,559. As Above.
TOUGH TALK p,9,1.55.0f (h, The Panderosa) Winner of 19 races and $96,813
Gabby Girl p,3,Q2.00.3h (m, Artsplace) Winner of 2 races and $11,534
Life On The Lam p,4,2.01.1h (g, Life Sign) Winner of 2 races and $8,280
Its Time We Met (m, Real Desire) Winner of $2,968. Dam of:
Time To See (h, We Will See). Now 2
Gabrielle Hall (m, Artsplace) Winner of $1,850. Dam of:
I HEAR VOICES p,4,1.53.3f (g, Kents On Nuke) Winner of 13 races and $133,503
BOHEMIAN BLISS p,4,1.54.2f (h, Blissfull Hall) Winner of 13 races and $92,087
GIRLFRIEND HALL p,4,1.57.1f (m, Blissfull Hall) Winner of 20 races and $59,577
LAFTILUCRY p,3,1.58.0f (m, Allamerican Ingot) Winner of 2 races and $9,753
DECISIONS MATTER p,3,1.57.3f (g, Camluck) Winner of 2 races and $5,500
Only For Awile p,3,2.02.3m (m, Blissfull Hall) Winner of 1 race and $2,000
Gelsy Hall (m, Blissfull Hall)
Itune (m, Western Ideal). Dam of:
FULL TIME GIG p,3,1.57.3h (g, Sportswriter) Winner of 4 races and $50,214
You Tune (m, Art Major) Winner of $2,190
Table Top Joe (g, Roll With Joe) Winner of $208
I Drive (h, Bettors Delight)
Cafe Rick L A (h, No Pan Intended)
Tyronna (m, Favori)