Presidential Pride
p,12,1.55.4f $65,048
p,5,1.58.3h $41,149
No Nukes
p,3,T1.52.1m $572,430
I Marilyn
p,5,1.55.4m $500,140
p,3,1.53.2m $820,104
Precious Coin
p,3,1.57.4m $206,909
Oil Burner
Gidget Lobell
Mountain Skipper
White Dawn
Princess Sam
Precious Fella
Penny Rhythm
PACEO p,5,1.58.3h $41,149 by Sonsam. Dam of:
Andale (m, Presidential Pride)
PRECIOUS COIN p,3,1.57.4m $206,909 by Precious Fella. Dam of:
DIVIDEND p,1.56.4 (g, Forrest Skipper) Winner of 21 races and $132,845
COIN A PHRASE p,4,1.57.0f (m, Towners Big Guy) Winner of 25 races and $78,150
PERSISTENCE PAYS p,4,1.57.3h (g, Goalie Jeff) Winner of 15 races and $50,920
PACEO p,5,1.58.3h (m, Sonsam) Winner of 9 races and $41,149. As Above.
Pound For Pound p,2.02.1 (g, Direct Scooter) Winner of 11 races and $40,276
Tough Trading p,7,2.00.4h (g, Forrest Skipper) Winner of 13 races and $17,750
Silver Foxy (m, Ralph Hanover) Winner of $4,328. Dam of:
CONTROLED INTEREST p,3,1.55.2f (g, Happy Paysak) Winner of 5 races and $53,430
The Silver Fox (h, Happy Paysak) Winner of $400
Dime Store (m, Bret Hanover) Winner of $875
Lindarella (m, Sonsam)
Starlight Silver L (m, Big Towner)
PENNY RHYTHM by Direct Rhythm. Dam of:
PRECIOUS COIN p,3,1.57.4m (m, Precious Fella) Winner of 15 races and $206,909. As Above.
Kenwood Coppery p,7,2.05.4h (m, Adoras Dream) Winner of 12 races and $17,980. Dam of:
Coppery (h, Sundance Skipper) Winner of $48
Kenwood Tuppence p,4,2.02.4f (h, Adoras Dream) Winner of 5 races and $14,271
Pennybird (g, Kat Byrd) Winner of $156
Stewarts Image p,3,Q2.04.0m (h, Kat Byrd) Winner of $125
Precious Rhythm (m, Precious Fella). Dam of:
GRAY NUKES p,4,1.55.4f (h, No Nukes) Winner of 11 races and $64,243
Patty Blue Chip p,2,2.11.3f (m, Icarus Lobell) Winner of 1 race and $550
Stephanie Two Step (m, Justin Passing) Winner of $168