(2013) p,4,1.52.0s $58,029
J T Arturo
p,7,1.51.2f $459,547
Call Me Tini
p,4,1.53.4s $138,798
p,3,1.51.2f $1,298,491
Keystone Luscious
p,3,1.54.3f $189,855
Mark Johnathan
p,5,1.51.3m $687,997
p,2,2.00.4m $3,666
Pirate Laura
Warm Breeze
Leap Year Romance
Big Towner
Tarport Georgia
Santa Dee
CALL ME TINI p,4,1.53.4s $138,798 by Mark Johnathan. Dam of:
CALL ME FLASH p,5,1.56.0s (m, Izatiger) Winner of 3 races and $80,395 Dam of:
Call Me Mr Flash (h, Shadyshark Hanover). Now 2
ARTINI p,4,1.52.0s (m, J T Arturo) Winner of 7 races and $58,029
COYOTE CAM p,5,1.53.3m (h, Cambest) Winner of 7 races and $47,604
TINIVIZION p,3,1.53.2s (m, Izatiger) Winner of 8 races and $46,812 Dam of:
Vizions Dream (m, Panspacificflight)
CALL ME CHIP p,3,1.57.0s (h, Arts Chip) Winner of 1 race and $7,415
Ts Camanchee p,4,2.05.1h (h, Cambest) Winner of 2 races and $672
Sandtini (h, Jennas Beach Boy)
CHEMAIN p,2,2.00.4m $3,666 by Jamuga. Dam of:
CALL ME TINI p,4,1.53.4s (m, Mark Johnathan) Winner of 16 races and $138,798. As Above.
CALL ME JOHNNY p,4,1.59.1f (h, Mark Johnathan) Winner of 6 races and $27,263
SIMCOES IMAGE p,3,1.57.4f (h, Simcoe Hanover) Winner of 12 races and $21,742
CUMONMAN BLUEGRASS p,3,1.56.1s (g, Third Straight) Winner of 3 races and $14,305
CALL ME THEORY p,3,1.58.0s (m, Allamerican Theory) Winner of 1 race and $4,760
Dont Dare Me (g, Dare You To) Winner of $1,426
Bakerbaker Onenine p,3,Q2.01.4h (h, Baker Field) Winner of 2 races and $1,316
A Punch Filly (m, Pilgrims Punch) Winner of $1,050
Callmelittlemstini (m, Mark Johnathan) Winner of $840
Big Bad John (h, Mark Johnathan)
Call Me Johnathan (h, Mark Johnathan)
Call Me Lisa (m, Till We Meet Again)
Get A Life (h, Lease On Life)
Mjs Rocket (h, Mark Johnathan)
SANTA DEE p,3,2.04.4m $17,695 by Duane Hanover. Dam of:
KONA COAST p,8,1.59.0m (g, Super Wave) Winner of 31 races and $125,486
PRINCES STEPHANIE p,5,1.58.0m (m, Nero) Winner of 18 races and $111,567. Dam of:
KING TITAN p,3,1.55.4f (g, Storm Damage) Winner of 10 races and $57,550
HOFFMAN p,3,1.58.4f (h, Direct Scooter) Winner of 31 races and $42,943
ELLEN SUE p,4,1.57.3m (m, Storm Damage) Winner of 4 races and $19,069
Kelly Drive (h, Storm Damage)
Lady Ann (m, Storm Damage)
Majestic Jessie (m, Niatross)
Market Mistress (m, Forrest Skipper)
BIG BILL TILDEN p,3,1.58.1f (h, Set Point) Winner of 29 races and $92,793
GALLANT GREENE p,3,1.59.4h (h, Nansemond) Winner of 13 races and $83,466
BRILLIANT JACKIE p,5,1.58.4m (h, Nansemond) Winner of 20 races and $72,090
BRILLIANT OSHEA p,5,1.58.3m (h, Nansemond) Winner of 11 races and $32,444
BANDERA ROSE p,2,T1.58.1m (m, Nero) Winner of 5 races and $23,164. Dam of:
HOLLYWOOD STORM p,7,1.55.4q (h, Storm Damage) Winner of 34 races and $51,354
Big Band Era p,4,2.01.3h (m, Big Towner) Winner of 9 races and $49,316
BIG BOUQUET p,3,T1.59.1m (m, Abercrombie) Winner of 7 races and $29,076
Scootin Rose p,4,2.03.1h (m, Direct Scooter) Winner of 7 races and $15,865
Skeeter Scooter p,2,2.03.1f (m, Direct Scooter) Winner of 2 races and $2,277
Pick A Rose (m, Pick Up Your Feet) Winner of $2,150
Fernleigh (m, Abercrombie) Winner of $15
Bandamage (h, Storm Damage)
Big Mover (h, Falcon Seelster)
Sonies Halo (m, Pick Up Your Feet)
Orphan Bandit (g, Pilgrims Punch)
Chemain p,2,2.00.4m (m, Jamuga) Winner of 3 races and $3,666. As Above.
CALIFORNIA FLASH p,3,1.59.3f (h, Keystone Ore) Winner of 1 race and $1,915
Lord Nelson p,2,Q2.04.1h (h, Seahawk Hanover) Winner of 1 race and $896
Brilliant Susan (m, Set Point) Winner of $532
Elizabeth G (m, Nansemond). Dam of:
TROUBLE TWOSUM p,3,1.54.0f (g, Troublemaker) Winner of 15 races and $163,848
BISMARK p,4,1.56.4m (h, Keystone Ore) Winner of 17 races and $95,728
FINAL TRIUMPH p,5,1.57.1m (g, Keystone Ore) Winner of 27 races and $87,401
Elizabeth Lobell p,4,2.05.2h (m, Nero) Winner of 1 race and $3,328
Lgt Hrse Harry Lee (h, Fame)
Baron de Rothchild (h, Nero)
Lovely Lena (m, Overtrick). Dam of:
SULIDAN p,6,1.56.2f (h, Nero) Winner of 26 races and $169,846
Astounded (h, Cordon Argent)
Darling Mary (m, Flying Bret)
Kurjeet (m, Denali)
Notice Me Now (m, Denali)
Spirit Of St Louis (g, Flying Bret)