Braida Hanover

(2014) p,3,1.54.0f $54,991
Dragon Again
p,5,1.48.3s $2,343,428
But I Like It
Dragons Lair
p,5,1.51.3q $1,085,317
Ever And Again
p,3,1.55.4f $153,022
Rocknroll Hanover
p,3,1.48.3m $3,069,093
Lucks Mistress
p,3,1.51.3s $616,605
Tyler B
Sandys Sable
Towners Big Guy
Ever Shining
Western Ideal
Rich N Elegant
Mystic Mistress
BUT I LIKE IT by Rocknroll Hanover. Dam of:
BRAIDA HANOVER p,3,1.54.0f (m, Dragon Again) Winner of 3 races and $54,991
Brainspin Hanover (m, Sportswriter). Now 3
Burkom Hanover (h, Captaintreacherous). Now 2
Bluecollar Hanover (m, Bettors Delight)
LUCKS MISTRESS p,3,1.51.3s $616,605 by Camluck. Dam of:
Rock Be A Lady (m, Rocknroll Hanover) Winner of $3,320
Stoney Soprano p,3,Q2.01.1f (h, Rocknroll Hanover) Winner of $250
Uptown Funk (h, Shadow Play). Now 3
Again A Pam (m, Dragon Again). Now 2
But I Like It (m, Rocknroll Hanover). As Above.
Mistress Blue Chip (m, Rock N Roll Heaven)
Nipntuck Blue Chip (m, Rock N Roll Heaven)
Oriane Blue Chip (m, Art Major)
MYSTIC MISTRESS p,3,1.58.1f $41,939 by Dexter Nukes. Dam of:
MYSTICIAN p,3,1.49.2s (h, Camluck) Winner of 26 races and $1,944,962
At 2, winner of OSS Gold final at Mohawk At 2, winner of $1 million Metro Stakes At 3, winner of the $500,000 Upper Canada Cup At 4, winner of the Willowdale Stakaes
CAMYSTIC p,4,1.49.4s (h, Camluck) Winner of 12 races and $779,728
At 2, winner of Battle Of Waterloo S. elim at Elmira, Champlain S. at Mohawk, ONSS Gold elim at Mohawk, final at Rideau Carleton, elim at Woodbine, final at Woodbine, ONSS Gold Super Final final at Mohawk; second in Battle Of Waterloo S. final at Elmira, ONSS Gold elim at Rideau Carleton; third in Metro Pace elim at Woodbine, Nassagaweya S. at Mohawk. At 3, winner of Cedarwood George S. at Kawartha Downs; second in Flamboro Breeders div at Flamboro Downs, ONSS Gold elim at Rideau Carleton, final at Rideau Carleton, final at Woodbine; third in Burlington S. div at Woodbine, Little Brown Jug elim at Delaware County Fair, ONSS Gold final at Mohawk, elim at Windsor. At 4, winner of Jr FFA at Woodbine, Preferred at Mohawk; second in Preferred at Mohawk; third in Jr FFA at Mohawk. As aged, second in Jr FFA leg at Woodbine; third in Jr FFA leg at Woodbine.
LUCKS MISTRESS p,3,1.51.3s (m, Camluck) Winner of 13 races and $616,605
At 2, winner of Ontario Gold Final at Woodbine, Gold elim and Final at Kawartha, Gold elim and Final at Mohawk. At 3, winner of OSS Gold elims at Georgian Downs and Flamboro, division of Simcoe. As Above.
FENMAN p,7,1.49.4m (h, Camluck) Winner of 22 races and $387,956
EVERTON p,3,1.52.4s (h, Pacific Rocket) Winner of 19 races and $208,270
MYSTIC HOWARD p,3,1.52.4s (h, Camluck) Winner of 19 races and $159,628
DREAMFAIR ECLIPSE p,5,1.53.1s (m, Camluck) Winner of 7 races and $146,105. Dam of:
Dreamfair Solar (h, Mach Three). Now 2
KING KRONOS p,3,1.56.1f (h, Astreos) Winner of 11 races and $49,117
PADDY POWER p,4,1.55.3s (h, Bettors Delight) Winner of 5 races and $48,881
MYSTICAL SUN p,3,1.58.3h (g, Camluck) Winner of 3 races and $13,383
Occult Master (g, Camluck) Winner of $4,000
Howards Camistress (m, Camluck) Winner of $300. Dam of:
Howards Big Sexy (m, Urban Guy)
Howards Rite Sexy (m, Urban Guy)
Howards So Sexy (m, Urban Guy)
Lone Mystic (m, Camluck). Dam of:
THE BIG DIGGER p,3,Q1.59.0h (g, Up The Credit) Winner of 3 races and $29,285
Junior J p,3,2.00.1h (g, Warrawee Needy) Winner of 1 race and $5,796
Oh What A Menace (h, Santanna Blue Chip)
Blackcheddar (m, Betterthancheddar). Now 2
Greenwich Girl (m, Real Desire). Dam of:
ONE WARRAWEE p,6,1.51.3s (g, Mach Three) Winner of 17 races and $155,016
NORTH SHORE BOY p,3,1.54.0f (h, Jeremes Jet) Winner of 11 races and $73,616
PADDINGTON MAJOR p,4,1.54.4f (g, Major In Art) Winner of 6 races and $53,245
Sid Of A Kid (h, Warrawee Needy) Winner of $423
Warrawee Rose (m, Big Jim)
Warrawee Trekkie (h, Camluck). Now 3
Warrawee Ultimo (h, Sportswriter). Now 2
Double Real (h, Real Artist)
Queen Fourteen (m, Camluck). Dam of:
Warrawee Unique (h, Sweet Lou). Now 2
Rothwell (h, Camluck)