Basic Information
Listing Type $20,000 & Over 
Gait Pace 
Sex Filly 
Color Bay 
Location Prince Edward Island
(Bonshaw, Conway Stables) 
Current Trainer Paul Conway 
Statement (Last updated: September 11, 2017)
Nice 3 year old filly, lightly raced, sound, clean legged, only out of money 3 times of 16 starts. 10 of her starts she finished in the top 3. Shows multiple last quarters 28 and change. One race charted in 1.56.3. Selling her because son did the jogging and he's back at school and I don't have the time. 
Contact Information
Name Paul 

*denotes preferred choice of contact

Race Equipment
Can't see back bridle, snaffle bit, shin boots, 2 head poles, martingale, 56 inch hopples, full swedge shoes front, half round half swedge shoes hind