Brief Interlude

(2014) p,3,1.59.1h $4,666
Brandons Cowboy
p,4,1.50.2s $517,051
Nap Time
The Panderosa
p,3,1.49.3m $1,452,418
Angel Be Good
p,3,1.54.4m $114,379
N Xample
p,4,1.51.1m $562,076
Pass Time
Western Hanover
Daisy Harbor
Im No Angel
Bashfull Eyes
Davids Pass
Somewhere In Time
NAP TIME by N Xample. Dam of:
BRIEF INTERLUDE p,3,1.59.1h (m, Brandons Cowboy) Winner of 4 races and $4,666. Now 3
PASS TIME by Davids Pass. Dam of:
Out To Pass p,3,2.01.1h (h, N Xample) Winner of 7 races and $12,439
Wicked Time p,2,2.01.4h (h, Pans To Reason) Winner of 1 race and $4,346
At 2, second in ATSS-B at Charlottetown
Time To Get Jiggy p,4,Q2.01.2h (m, Ameripan Gigolo) Winner of 1 race and $2,820
Delicate Time (h, N Xample)
Eternally (h, Stand Forever)
Nap Time (m, N Xample). As Above.
SOMEWHERE IN TIME p,3,T1.57.3m $30,767 by Race Time. Dam of:
BLOODSTOCKS SLIDE p,4,1.52.3m (h, Landslide) Winner of 31 races and $300,430
As aged, winner of Open at Yonkers and Foxboro.
SOME ALBERT p,5,1.51.2m (h, Albert Albert) Winner of 24 races and $198,066
As aged, winner of Open at Rideau Carleton.
LORD ALBERT p,4,1.54.0m (h, Albert Albert) Winner of 18 races and $114,602
At 3, winner of two NJ Fair S.
SOMEWHERE SPECIAL p,6,1.57.4h (m, Die Laughing) Winner of 24 races and $48,092
As Aged, winner of Open Mares Series leg and Open Mares at Charlottetown.. Dam of:
FRAN ERICSON p,4,1.58.3f (h, Electric Stena) Winner of 13 races and $20,250
CAPITAINE REC p,4,1.59.3h (h, Electric Stena) Winner of 7 races and $9,341
Grace Force p,7,2.01.1h (m, Goliath Bayama) Winner of 6 races and $7,612
Special Doc p,3,Q2.00.3h (h, Dr No) Winner of 1 race and $4,865
Shag Island (m, Shanghai Phil)
Electronav (h, Electric Stena)
TIME CARD p,6,1.56.2m (m, Cams Card Shark) Winner of 2 races and $22,699. Dam of:
SIGN OUT p,2,1.54.4s (m, Park Place) Winner of 3 races and $27,816
MISS KELSIE p,3,1.58.2f (m, Lcb) Winner of 6 races and $19,034
Bout Time (h, Lcb) Winner of $1,440
Brush Time (m, Sagebrush). Now 2
Imonaroll (h, Harley D Hanover)
COME BACK TO ME p,3,1.54.2m (h, Direct Scooter) Winner of 2 races and $22,277
Apache Tracker (g, Apache Circle) Winner of $2,098
Laag In Time (m, Laag) Winner of $1,449. Dam of:
HEEZACLOWN p,7,1.57.1h (g, Grandslam Cam) Winner of 21 races and $70,140
KARENS DESTINY p,3,1.58.3h (m, Tune Town) Winner of 3 races and $35,218
Laag In Stock (g, Company Stock) Winner of $5,352
Oursummertimeblues (g, Grandslam Cam)
Time For Company (h, Company Stock)
Lost In Space p,3,Q2.02.3f (m, Landslide) Winner of 1 race and $1,306
Next Level (h, Stir Fry)
Out Of Space (h, Landslide)
Pass Time (m, Davids Pass). As Above.
Far Out (g, Landslide)
Charged Particle (h, Landslide)