Chelsees A Winner

(2014) 3,1.56.4f $51,307
Big Rigs
4,1.52.1f $665,718
Upfront Bye Bye
3,1.56.3f $77,820
Andover Hall
3,1.51.3m $870,510
Filly At Bigs
3,1.54.0m $816,475
Cantab Hall
3,1.54.0m $1,442,303
Bye Bye Kerry
3,1.56.4s $194,079
Garland Lobell
Amour Angus
Self Possessed
Canland Hall
S Js Photo
Balanced Flight
UPFRONT BYE BYE 3,1.56.3f $77,820 by Cantab Hall. Dam of:
CHELSEES A WINNER 3,1.56.4f (m, Big Rigs) Winner of 11 races and $51,307. Now 3
Party Upfront 2,2.07.3h (m, Big Rigs) Winner of 2 races and $13,593. Now 2
Uflindseysawesome (m, Wishing Stone). Yearling
BYE BYE KERRY 3,1.56.4s $194,079 by S Js Photo. Dam of:
BACKSTREET HANOVER 6,1.53.3f (m, Andover Hall) Winner of 27 races and $608,720
UPFRONT BYE BYE 3,1.56.3f (m, Cantab Hall) Winner of 5 races and $77,820. As Above.
UF TEBOW HANOVER 3,1.56.3f (g, Donato Hanover) Winner of 3 races and $35,200
BALANCED FLIGHT 4,2.00.0f $8,530 by Balanced Image. Dam of:
BYE BYE KERRY 3,1.56.4s (m, S Js Photo) Winner of 3 races and $194,079
At two; winner of PaSS. At three; second in three PaSS, third in Simcoe, Breeders Crown Elim.. As Above.
KENS CALIBER 1.14.6 (g, Ken Warkentin) Winner of 2 races and SEK 170,300
Classic Flight 3,Q2.00.2f (m, Chip Chip Hooray) Winner of $632. Dam of:
DIRTY SECRET 4,1.54.3s (m, Justice Hall) Winner of 26 races and $161,250
Cominhomeflyin (h, Justice Hall)
Hawaiian Cooler (m, Sjs Caviar) Winner of $528
Carats N Caviar (m, Sjs Caviar)
Bella Vita Girl (m, S Js Photo). Dam of:
Cats Pajamas (m, Pjs Nabby)