Colonys Best

(2012) p,5,1.53.1f $84,543
Art Colony
p,2,1.51.0s $863,750
Spoutin Off
p,3,1.55.0f $52,185
p,4,1.49.2m $3,085,083
Asleep Onthe Beach
Intrepid Seelster
p,4,1.50.1m $1,037,807
Water Spigot
Miss Elvira
Beach Towel
SPOUTIN OFF p,3,1.55.0f $52,185 by Intrepid Seelster. Dam of:
SPECKLED DOOR p,3,1.51.2s (h, Mach Three) Winner of 8 races and $131,669
COLONYS BEST p,5,1.53.1f (g, Art Colony) Winner of 10 races and $84,543
Mach Me Down (m, Mach Three). Now 2
Makeminewater (h, Mach Three)
Time To Ponder (m, Ponder). Now 3
WATER SPIGOT $2,110 by Abercrombie. Dam of:
IN TREPID WATER p,3,1.51.3s (m, Intrepid Seelster) Winner of 12 races and $459,526
At 3, winner of 2 legs and final of OSS Spring Series, elim and final of OSS Gold at Kawartha, OSS Gold elim and final at Woodbine, Gold elim at Mohawk, Flamboro Breeders div., Ontario Gold Superfinal. Dam of:
COOL LIKE THAT p,3,1.52.0h (h, The Panderosa) Winner of 33 races and $263,306
ON GOLDEN PONDER p,2,1.52.2h (h, Ponder) Winner of 17 races and $243,462
GREAT WATERS p,2,1.55.1f (h, The Panderosa) Winner of 1 race and $33,273
INTREPID LADY p,2,1.56.3f (m, Ponder) Winner of 3 races and $21,356. Now 3
Loud Splash (h, Thinking Out Loud). Now 2
Intrepid Explorer (h, Badlands Hanover)
WATERING CAM p,5,1.52.1m (h, Camluck) Winner of 32 races and $192,716
WATERPROOF p,4,1.53.0s (h, Camluck) Winner of 41 races and $183,814
SPOUTIN OFF p,3,1.55.0f (m, Intrepid Seelster) Winner of 7 races and $52,185. As Above.
GOING THE DISTANCE p,2,1.59.0h (g, World Of Rocknroll) Winner of 3 races and $11,306. Now 3
Spigot p,2,Q2.03.4h (m, Camluck) Winner of $660
Hows The Water (h, Mannart Howard)
RESERVOIR p,3,T1.58.1m $8,685 by Bret Hanover. Dam of:
WATER TOWER p,3,1.50.4m (h, Abercrombie) Winner of 10 races and $465,617
SHOAL LAKE p,3,1.56.1s (m, Jate Lobell) Winner of 6 races and $45,893. Dam of:
LANDON B p,3,1.58.2h (h, Intrepid Seelster) Winner of 3 races and $18,976
Maddicakes (m, Intrepid Seelster)
WATER TANK p,3,1.58.1f (g, Abercrombie) Winner of 2 races and $16,685
Sand Lyric p,2,2.03.2h (m, Jennas Beach Boy) Winner of 1 race and $2,113
Water Spigot (m, Abercrombie) Winner of $2,110. As Above.
Deer Lake (m, Abercrombie) Winner of $416. Dam of:
Little Deer (m, Jate Lobell)
Flood Gap (h, Die Laughing) Winner of $187