Cowboy Cop

(2014) p,3,1.56.3s $12,623
p,3,1.48.2f $1,436,363
Artist Impression
p,6,1.52.2m $199,154
Real Artist
p,3,Q1.51.0m $424,947
Armbro Tea
p,3,1.53.2s $91,457
p,4,1.49.2m $3,085,083
Champagne Kathy
p,6,1.55.1m $103,617
Rodine Hanover
Matts Scooter
Cafe Mariposa
Miss Elvira
ARTIST IMPRESSION p,6,1.52.2m $199,154 by Artsplace. Dam of:
IMPRESSIVE BOY p,4,1.54.2m (h, Third Straight) Winner of 6 races and $17,384
COWBOY COP p,3,1.56.3s (g, Dali) Winner of 5 races and $12,623
Miss Impressive (m, Mark Johnathan) Winner of $2,640
Shes Impressive p,3,2.01.2h (m, Sand Shooter) Winner of 1 race and $1,245
Art Shooter (h, Sand Shooter)
Countess De Money (m, Panspacificflight)
CHAMPAGNE KATHY p,6,1.55.1m $103,617 by Samadhi. Dam of:
ARTIST IMPRESSION p,6,1.52.2m (m, Artsplace) Winner of 22 races and $199,154. As Above.
TAPROOT YUKIE p,3,1.57.0h (h, Camtastic) Winner of 31 races and $119,036
LAUGHING ED p,3,1.58.4f (h, Die Laughing) Winner of 8 races and $22,713
Taproot Laughter (g, Die Laughing) Winner of $3,043
Nuclear Cocktail (m, No Nukes) Winner of $1,134
Asti Spumante (m, The Firepan)
Compensating Error (h, Easter Sun Hanna)
Taproot Place (m, Artsplace)
Taproot Star (h, Laag)
SAILORETTE p,2,Q2.06.1m $772 by Race Time. Dam of:
CHAMPAGNE KATHY p,6,1.55.1m (m, Samadhi) Winner of 15 races and $103,617. As Above.
COOL SAILING p,5,1.57.2f (m, Cool Wind) Winner of 34 races and $67,229
Splice Kit p,3,Q2.05.2f (g, Windshield Wiper) Winner of 1 race and $4,259
Wire Nut p,3,2.08.4f (m, Whata Baron) Winner of 1 race and $945
Kathys Little Sis (m, Samadhi) Winner of $651
Cable Cutter (m, Windshield Wiper) Winner of $569. Dam of:
MELVIN KNOWS p,7,1.54.3f (h, Melvins Woe) Winner of 24 races and $99,711
UNDER CUT p,3,1.56.3f (m, Under Siege) Winner of 3 races and $18,439
Cutters Run p,3,2.01.1f (g, Whata Baron) Winner of 6 races and $13,214
WINDOUTTER p,7,1.58.4f (m, Flight Director) Winner of 5 races and $8,499
Downwyn Amelia (m, Flight Director) Winner of $518
Tables Turned (h, Conquered)
Champagne Bythesea (m, Samadhi)
Champagne Mariner (h, Samadhi)
Champagne Regatta (m, Royce)
After The Glitter (m, Royce). Dam of:
Champagne Admiral p,3,2.02.3h (g, Samadhi) Winner of 1 race and $700