Double Negative

(2014) p,3,1.56.0s $13,715
Foreclosure N
p,4,1.48.4s $807,746
No Picnic
p,2,1.55.4f $122,017
Rocknroll Hanover
p,3,1.48.3m $3,069,093
Pleasing Package A
p,5,1.50.4m $324,710
Badlands Hanover
p,2,1.50.0z $754,772
p,4,1.53.4h $139,677
Western Ideal
Rich N Elegant
Fake Left
Western Hanover
Behave Hanover
Jate Lobell
Castleton Molly
NO PICNIC p,2,1.55.4f $122,017 by Badlands Hanover. Dam of:
DOUBLE NEGATIVE p,3,1.56.0s (m, Foreclosure N) Winner of 2 races and $13,715. Now 3
Rainin Purple Rain (m, The Panderosa). Yearling
MICHIKO p,4,1.53.4h $139,677 by Jate Lobell. Dam of:
MUCH ADOO p,4,1.49.4s (m, Classic Card Shark) Winner of 15 races and $286,496
At 4 winner Ontario Girls Final at Woodbine
MANHATTAN BENNY p,6,1.51.0f (g, Riverboat King) Winner of 15 races and $158,473
NO PICNIC p,2,1.55.4f (m, Badlands Hanover) Winner of 6 races and $122,017. As Above.
LYONS PUDDIN PIE p,3,1.53.1s (m, Grinfromeartoear) Winner of 4 races and $106,624. Dam of:
LYONS IMAGE p,2,1.54.3s (g, Rockin Image) Winner of 1 race and $13,750. Now 2
Lucky Leah (m, Palone Ranger) Winner of $360. Now 3
MY OLD MASTER p,3,1.54.2s (g, Vintage Master) Winner of 1 race and $25,210
Dynamic Date p,3,2.02.0h (m, Royal Mattjesty) Winner of 2 races and $15,010. Now 3
Lively Larry (h, Badlands Hanover). Yearling
Shuffle Up (m, Cams Card Shark)
Star Hall (m, Four Starzzz Shark). Dam of:
Ladyford Miracle (m, Check On Jack)
Swim Fast (h, Cams Card Shark)
CASTLETON MOLLY p,3,Q2.04.1m $1,369 by Abercrombie. Dam of:
DUKE DUKE p,3,1.52.0f (g, Falcon Seelster) Winner of 56 races and $667,457
At 2 winner of Goshen Cup, Reynolds Memorial, Hanover Colt S.. At 3, winner of elim of Confederation Cup, second in heat of Little Brown Jug.Open Class winner as aged.
WHITTINGHAM p,3,1.51.1s (h, Tooter Scooter) Winner of 36 races and $571,681
CASABLANCA HALL p,5,1.53.1h (h, Cambest) Winner of 25 races and $167,596
MICHIKO p,4,1.53.4h (m, Jate Lobell) Winner of 7 races and $139,677. As Above.
FORT HARROD p,5,1.52.1z (h, Jate Lobell) Winner of 11 races and $73,998
MI MEMORIES p,5,1.56.2f (m, Tinselator) Winner of 14 races and $53,154. Dam of:
Eighteen Candles (m, Powerful Toy) Winner of $140
Af Powerful Memory (m, Powerful Toy) Winner of $68
WAYFINDER p,2,1.54.3f (m, Jate Lobell) Winner of 2 races and $38,929
U S NEWS p,4,1.55.2f (g, Falcon Seelster) Winner of 11 races and $20,114
WESTCHESTER p,3,1.58.2f (h, Die Laughing) Winner of 1 race and $6,149
Victorious Molly (m, Cambest) Winner of $350
Candice Hall (m, Cambest). Dam of:
JOLLY JUBITER p,4,1.51.4f (h, Metropolitan) Winner of 22 races and $189,847
SAY AGAIN p,5,Q1.58.4f (g, Well Said) Winner of 3 races and $38,485
FOUR ACES OSBORNE p,2,1.57.2h (h, Feelin Friskie) Winner of 9 races and $36,076
All Aces Osborne p,2,Q2.06.2h (g, Feelin Friskie) Winner of $14,889
Jethro Bo Dean p,2,2.00.1h (g, Big Bad John) Winner of 2 races and $7,617. Now 3
An Official Girl (m, Art Official) Winner of $906. Now 2
Feelin All (h, Feelin Friskie)
Medoland Molly (m, Medoland Sam)
Mollychiko (m, Jate Lobell). Dam of:
HUSTLER HALL p,3,1.54.1m (g, Blissfull Hall) Winner of 35 races and $86,730
CARDINAL BLISS p,5,1.58.4h (h, Blissfull Hall) Winner of 6 races and $23,658
Thatll Be The Day (m, Articulator) Winner of $813
Captain Bliss (h, Blissfull Hall)
Had Me At Hello (m, Chasin Racin)
My Eyes Adore You (m, Blissfull Hall)
Stay With Me (m, Blissfull Hall)
Terrific Tara (m, Falcon Seelster). Dam of:
GREAT PLAINS p,8,1.50.0f (h, Western Hanover) Winner of 26 races and $386,521
GOOD BET p,6,1.51.0f (g, Bettors Delight) Winner of 22 races and $281,991
CROWN JEWEL p,3,1.52.3m (h, Western Hanover) Winner of 37 races and $184,481
BET ON HIM p,6,1.49.4m (h, Bettors Delight) Winner of 26 races and $170,591
WELL WELL WELL p,3,1.52.4f (g, Well Said) Winner of 8 races and $121,438
LIGHT IN THE ROOM p,4,1.54.2m (g, Bettors Delight) Winner of 5 races and $19,166
LOVE ACTUALLY p,4,1.59.4h (m, Cams Card Shark) Winner of 11 races and $13,908
Real Good p,3,Q2.04.4m (m, Western Hanover) Winner of $3,176
Spoken Word (g, Well Said) Winner of $2,961. Now 3
Lake Taupo (h, Dragon Again)
She Said Yes (m, Well Said)
Goldfields (m, Artiscape)
Tres Vidas (m, Jennas Beach Boy). Dam of:
SPIDERMONKEY p,4,1.55.4f (h, Art Major) Winner of 9 races and $40,465
Flights Girl (m, Panspacificflight) Winner of $3,714
Trevor (g, Bettors Delight) Winner of $425
Trueno (h, Western Terror)
Cupids Bet (h, Bettors Delight)
Tres (m, Cams Card Shark)