Full Moon Rage

(2014) p,3,1.57.4f $41,476
p,3,1.49.0m $2,455,609
Allamerican Rage
Falcon Seelster
p,3,1.51.0h $1,121,045
Lilting Laughter
p,4,1.49.2m $3,085,083
Raging Inferno
Warm Breeze
Fashion Trick
Happy Sharon
Miss Elvira
Scarlet Dena
ALLAMERICAN RAGE by Artsplace. Dam of:
ARTS RAGIN JET p,5,1.50.3s (g, Jet Laag) Winner of 32 races and $639,418
FULL MOON RAGE p,3,1.57.4f (m, Mcardle) Winner of 3 races and $41,476. Now 3
PRESIDENTIAL RAGE p,6,1.56.3h (h, Presidential Ball) Winner of 22 races and $18,026
Jetragious (h, Jet Laag)
RAGING INFERNO by Nihilator. Dam of:
EARLY STORM p,8,1.51.2f (h, Three Olives) Winner of 18 races and $118,601
CHRISTMAS WREATH p,4,1.56.4f (m, Die Laughing) Winner of 7 races and $49,883
AAHNA LOA p,3,1.56.3f (g, Beach Towel) Winner of 9 races and $42,796
RAGING RED HEAD p,2,1.54.1z (m, Real Artist) Winner of 8 races and $23,066. Dam of:
FIRE WATCH p,3,1.55.0m (m, Camystic) Winner of 18 races and $228,972
BLAZING BY p,4,1.55.2m (m, Camystic) Winner of 16 races and $56,553
FIRED UP p,3,1.56.0f (h, Camystic) Winner of 4 races and $30,411
Rebel Fire (h, Camystic)
Sheshore (m, Beach Towel). Dam of:
BIG BAM RAY p,4,1.49.2m (h, Yankee Cam) Winner of 23 races and $393,528
CANACO JEAN p,4,1.52.1s (h, Freight Saver) Winner of 30 races and $321,312
CANACO MERCURY p,6,1.54.2s (h, Yankee Cam) Winner of 24 races and $120,240
TIJUANAE NELLIE p,4,1.58.3f (m, Chief Marty) Winner of 5 races and $27,078
Canaco Picnic p,3,2.00.3f (h, Yankee Cam) Winner of 3 races and $17,297
Canaco Uniroyal (h, Yankee Cam)
Canaco Lauzon (g, Freight Saver)
DWEST BEAR p,3,2.00.0f (h, Big Towner) Winner of 1 race and $3,937
Allamerican Raffle (m, No Nukes)
Allamerican Rage (m, Artsplace). As Above.
Allamerican Rally (m, Laag)
SCARLET DENA by Meadow Skipper. Dam of:
RHETT ALMAHURST p,11,1.53.4m (g, Niatross) Winner of 60 races and $320,809
WARM GEM p,3,1.54.4m (h, Warm Breeze) Winner of 29 races and $287,860
WORLDLY GENTLEMAN p,5,1.54.0m (h, Storm Damage) Winner of 18 races and $250,410
SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN p,3,1.52.1m (h, Niatross) Winner of 10 races and $239,787
SHARKY ALMAHURST p,5,1.55.4m (h, Nihilator) Winner of 29 races and $88,364
MISS BARBARA ELLEN p,3,2.00.0f (m, Western Hanover) Winner of 2 races and $6,092. Dam of:
EASTSIDE PRIDE p,4,1.54.1m (h, Northern Luck) Winner of 28 races and $117,810
BARBRASBOY p,4,1.51.4s (h, Grinfromeartoear) Winner of 9 races and $67,748
AMMENDOLIA p,4,1.58.3h (h, Village Jiffy) Winner of 8 races and $34,547
BARBARABEST p,3,1.57.3h (m, Pro Bono Best) Winner of 7 races and $22,416
Coming Event p,3,2.02.3h (m, Jennas Beach Boy) Winner of 3 races and $13,702
BARBARA CHIPPER p,5,1.59.0f (g, Arts Chip) Winner of 3 races and $3,201
Barbaras In Gear (m, Geartogear) Winner of $86
Northern Boy (h, Northern Luck)
Western Boy (h, Grinfromeartoear)
Wildcat Boy (h, Cambest)
Raging Inferno (m, Nihilator). As Above.
Camboozle (h, Cams Card Shark)
Gentleman Only (h, On The Road Again)
Sanders Almahurst (h, Nihilator)
Scarlet Dana (m, Direct Scooter). Dam of:
D Ts Little Man p,2,2.03.1h (h, Davids Pass) Winner of 3 races and $3,010
Catchmeifyoucansam p,3,2.04.0h (m, Nobleland Sam) Winner of 1 race and $2,747
Corstephra (m, Artsplace)
Dancingonbroadway (m, Broadway Jate)
Scarlet Michelle (m, Falcon Seelster)
Southwind Spring (m, Beach Towel)