Hes Got It

(2011) p,5,1.52.1f $171,599
The Panderosa
p,3,1.49.3m $1,452,418
Tiger Style
Western Hanover
p,3,1.50.4m $2,541,647
Daisy Harbor
p,3,T1.53.3m $293,482
Life Sign
p,3,1.50.3m $1,912,454
Arls Troublemaker
p,4,1.53.2m $143,945
No Nukes
Wendymae Hanover
Coal Harbor
J R Daisy
Three Diamonds
Kawartha Quality
TIGER STYLE by Life Sign. Dam of:
HES GOT IT p,5,1.52.1f (g, The Panderosa) Winner of 19 races and $171,599
ALLAMERICAN TITAN p,4,1.52.3f (h, Western Terror) Winner of 12 races and $104,853
NATIVE STYLE p,3,1.52.0f (h, Allamerican Native) Winner of 6 races and $83,737
ROCK N ROLL STYLE p,3,Q1.55.2m (g, Rocknroll Hanover) Winner of 5 races and $52,467
ALLAMERICAN TIGER p,3,1.55.1s (m, Grinfromeartoear) Winner of 2 races and $23,479 Dam of:
WIN ONE SOON p,3,1.55.2s (g, Jeremes Jet) Winner of 11 races and $133,666
BETTOR ON TOP p,5,1.52.3f (g, Bettors Delight) Winner of 7 races and $92,310
Jetset On Tiger (m, Jeremes Jet) Winner of $1,938
CALL ME MR LUCKY p,3,1.53.4f (g, Western Terror) Winner of 1 race and $11,414. Now 3
Earn My Stripes (m, Mach Three). Yearling
Turnstyle (m, Dragon Again)
ARLS TROUBLEMAKER p,4,1.53.2m $143,945 by Troublemaker. Dam of:
ART MAKER p,8,1.49.1m (g, Arturo) Winner of 60 races and $1,109,717
STOCK MARKET WIZ p,6,1.49.3m (h, Three Wizzards) Winner of 33 races and $754,213
BREAKIN THE LAW p,4,1.49.4m (h, Artiscape) Winner of 21 races and $521,292
THUMBPRINT p,6,1.53.3f (m, Art Major) Winner of 12 races and $205,925. Dam of:
PRINCESS FABULOSA p,3,Q1.53.0f (m, Well Said) Winner of 8 races and $184,340
Americas Guest (h, American Ideal) Winner of $9,687. Now 2
SOLO STORY p,3,1.52.4s (g, Bettors Delight) Winner of 7 races and $95,474
GLASS MAKER p,3,1.54.0s (m, Artsplace) Winner of 5 races and $54,219. Dam of:
CLEAR IDEA p,3,1.50.4h (m, American Ideal) Winner of 10 races and $275,233. Now 3
GLASS SHADOW p,5,1.54.1f (g, Shadow Play) Winner of 18 races and $100,312
CRACKED GLASS p,4,1.55.0f (m, Badlands Hanover) Winner of 12 races and $63,353
DENTAL DUO p,2,1.57.0f (h, Rocknroll Hanover) Winner of $7,658
Glass Beauty (m, Armbro Deuce)
TROUBLED ESCAPE p,5,1.55.1f (m, Artiscape) Winner of 6 races and $47,241
BETTERTHANREVENGE p,3,Q1.57.3f (m, Quik Pulse Mindale) Winner of 10 races and $36,010
TROUBLED LIFE p,3,1.57.1f (h, Life Sign) Winner of 1 race and $1,600
Gadgets To Go (m, Cams Card Shark) Winner of $1,272. Dam of:
Dubious Claim p,2,Q2.00.2f (g, Western Terror) Winner of 3 races and $35,240. Now 3
GRAND REWARDS p,3,1.54.1s (h, Royal Mattjesty) Winner of 4 races and $24,764
Imthebig Star (m, Art Major)
Kims Caper (m, Badlands Hanover) Winner of $370. Dam of:
KIMS ROYAL DAY p,3,1.51.0f (m, Royal Mattjesty) Winner of 7 races and $328,803
Kims The Best (m, Betterthancheddar) Winner of $15,702. Now 2
Truth Rules (h, Three Wizzards)
Kims Majesty (m, Royal Mattjesty)
Own It (h, Roddys Bags Again). Now 2
Tiger Style (m, Life Sign). As Above.
KAWARTHA QUALITY p,7,1.59.0f $113,166 by Southampton V. Dam of:
KAWARTHA VIRGO p,4,1.55.3f (g, Senor Skipper) Winner of 58 races and $306,917
ARLS TROUBLEMAKER p,4,1.53.2m (m, Troublemaker) Winner of 20 races and $143,945. As Above.
TEST THE WATERS p,3,Q1.58.1f (g, Direct Scooter) Winner of 20 races and $90,236
QUALITY SCOOTER p,3,1.55.1m (g, Direct Scooter) Winner of 11 races and $67,267
BOBBYS BEACH TOWEL p,4,Q1.53.3m (g, Beach Towel) Winner of 7 races and $34,284
Smartest Dale p,4,2.01.0f (g, Smartest Remark) Winner of 2 races and $5,888
  Snegs Quality p,4,2.04.0h (m, Kawartha Skipper) Winner of 1 race and $3,277. Dam of:
QUALITY CRUISIN p,4,1.51.4m (h, Armbro Cruiser) Winner of 23 races and $184,336
QUALITY PACING p,7,1.58.1h (m, Frugal Gourmet) Winner of 14 races and $70,510
KITCHENERONTUESDAY p,3,1.58.1h (m, Make A Deal) Winner of 7 races and $40,751
HIGH CLASS QUALITY p,2,1.57.3f (g, Hy Class Minbar) Winner of 9 races and $32,652
Shelter Valley Gal (m, Armbro Cruiser)
Beach Mistress (m, Beach Towel). Dam of:
PRIMUS SAMMY p,8,1.52.0f (g, A Stud Named Sue) Winner of 35 races and $236,831
Heart Mistress p,5,Q2.04.4f (m, Heartbeat Mindale) Winner of 1 race and $6,971
ALL YOU NEED p,4,1.59.4f (h, Sir Luck) Winner of $3,135
All The Berries (m, Life Sign)
Modium (m, Strong Clan)