Hot Shot Hill

(2013) p,4,1.54.0f $21,133
American Ideal
p,3,1.47.4m $786,055
Taxi Fare Hanover
p,3,1.53.0s $32,900
Western Ideal
p,5,1.48.0m $1,455,422
Lifetime Success
p,3,1.52.2m $34,711
Bettors Delight
p,3,1.49.4m $2,581,461
Taxi Hanover
p,3,1.54.1f $103,621
Western Hanover
Leah Almahurst
Matts Scooter
Three Diamonds
Cams Card Shark
Classic Wish
Western Hanover
Tracis Free Ride
TAXI FARE HANOVER p,3,1.53.0s $32,900 by Bettors Delight. Dam of:
ANN HILL p,3,1.54.4h (m, Rock N Roll Heaven) Winner of 6 races and $129,987. Now 3
At 3, winner of NYSS at Yonkers, Monticello
HOT SHOT HILL p,4,1.54.0f (g, American Ideal) Winner of 6 races and $21,133
Turbo Hill (h, American Ideal). Now 2
TAXI HANOVER p,3,1.54.1f $103,621 by Western Hanover. Dam of:
HAIL THE TAXI p,3,1.51.0s (h, Art Major) Winner of 9 races and $335,734
TAILWIND HANOVER p,3,Q1.55.2s (m, Art Major) Winner of 1 race and $46,610
TAXI FARE HANOVER p,3,1.53.0s (m, Bettors Delight) Winner of 3 races and $32,900. As Above.
TIMCAT HANOVER p,3,1.54.1m (g, Art Major) Winner of 2 races and $14,010. Now 3
TRACIS FREE RIDE p,3,1.53.1m $36,911 by Dexter Nukes. Dam of:
GET A CAB p,4,1.53.3s (m, The Panderosa) Winner of 14 races and $151,823. Dam of:
CABBIES DELIGHT p,3,1.51.0s (h, Bettors Delight) Winner of 18 races and $178,624
SLOTS SAVED US p,3,1.56.2f (g, Mcardle) Winner of 6 races and $18,459. Now 3
A Cab To Fenway (m, Bettors Delight)
TAXI HANOVER p,3,1.54.1f (m, Western Hanover) Winner of 5 races and $103,621. As Above.
TUPPENCE HANOVER p,3,1.56.4f (m, Western Hanover) Winner of 2 races and $47,775
At 2, winner of PASS at Pocono. Dam of:
TWIN B TK p,4,1.52.3f (g, Sportswriter) Winner of 13 races and $84,114
CABS R HERE p,2,Q1.58.0s (g, Major In Art) Winner of $26,674
LINCOLN p,5,1.53.4m (g, Bettors Delight) Winner of 9 races and $44,568
TOLLFREE HANOVER p,3,1.53.2f (m, Cams Card Shark) Winner of 9 races and $35,829
CAMS TRIVIA p,4,Q1.57.2h (m, Cams Card Shark) Winner of 8 races and $26,706
  UP FRONT ANASTASIA p,3,1.54.0z (m, Dragon Again) Winner of 6 races and $25,219. Dam of:
LADY IN RED p,2,1.58.3f (m, Western Hanover) Winner of 1 race and $17,459
Un Brazo Hanover (h, Allamerican Native)
Undine Hanover (m, Mister Big)
Uptick Hanover (h, The Panderosa)
Upupnaway Hanover (h, Western Ideal)
Thea Hanover (m, Allamerican Native) Winner of $2,225
Testa Hanover (m, Western Hanover) Winner of $647. Dam of:
Twin B Tank (h, Bettors Delight) Winner of $750
Tracis Luv (m, Blissfull Knight). Now 2
Troilus Hanover (h, Western Ideal)