I Won Them Both

(2014) p,4,1.53.3f $46,508
Mr Apples
p,6,1.49.0m $668,808
Bettors Delight
p,3,1.49.4m $2,581,461
Never In Paris
p,2,1.55.1s $19,142
Dragon Again
p,5,1.48.3s $2,343,428
Cat Thief
p,2,1.55.1m $23,055
Cams Card Shark
Classic Wish
No Nukes
Americas Sweetie
Dragons Lair
Ever And Again
Die Laughing
ENNISKERRY by Dragon Again. Dam of:
I WON THEM BOTH p,4,1.53.3f (m, Mr Apples) Winner of 4 races and $46,508
At 2, Winner of DSBF at Harrington
TRAP QUEEN p,2,1.55.0f (m, Im Gorgeous) Winner of 1 race and $12,500. Now 3
THETRUTHISSKERRY p,3,1.56.4f (m, Total Truth) Winner of 1 race and $4,350
Dashiki (h, Barber Pole). Now 2
CAT THIEF p,2,1.55.1m $23,055 by Die Laughing. Dam of:
LISLEA PHIA p,4,1.50.2f (m, Lislea) Winner of 17 races and $542,696
At 2, winner of NYSS at Batavia, At 3, winner of NYSS at Yonkers, Saratoga. Dam of:
BALLINEEN p,5,1.51.0m (m, Art Major) Winner of 15 races and $291,524
ANNACLOY p,2,Q1.56.2m (m, Art Major) Winner of 2 races and $20,401
TANTALIZING TRISH p,2,1.58.2h (m, Art Major) Winner of 1 race and $3,192. Now 3
Adare (m, Art Major)
Hes A Rollin (h, A Rocknroll Dance). Now 2
Lissadell (h, Art Major)
LISLEA BELLA p,4,Q1.53.3m (m, Lislea) Winner of 15 races and $235,181. Dam of:
THATS MY GIRL G p,7,1.52.3h (m, Mcardle) Winner of 25 races and $203,315
G NOTE p,2,1.54.0f (m, Mcardle) Winner of 3 races and $23,180
One More Lie (h, Quality Western)
LISLEA SOPHIA p,3,1.53.4f (m, Lislea) Winner of 8 races and $140,991
At 2, winner of NYSS at Buffalo. Dam of:
ART FRENZY p,6,1.51.2f (m, Art Major) Winner of 23 races and $258,365
LISSOY p,3,1.56.1f (m, Art Major) Winner of 18 races and $87,143
Ardeen p,2,2.02.1h (g, Art Major) Winner of 7 races and $41,634
DEVILICIOUSLY GOOD p,2,Q1.57.4f (m, Art Major) Winner of 4 races and $22,208
Bangor (h, Art Major). Now 2
CLARA p,2,1.58.1h (m, Art Major) Winner of 1 race and $29,087. Dam of:
MATINEE FASHION p,2,Q1.56.1f (g, Roll With Joe) Winner of 2 races and $23,090. Now 3
Well Stated (h, Well Said). Now 2
LISFARRELL p,3,Q1.59.4f (h, Jennas Beach Boy) Winner of $1,881
Enniskerry (m, Dragon Again). As Above.
Killure (h, Bettors Delight)
PLAYTOWN p,3,1.54.2m $58,839 by Sonsam. Dam of:
BUFFALO SOLDIER p,5,1.53.3f (h, Camluck) Winner of 40 races and $283,962
DAY AND NIGHT p,6,1.55.4f (m, Bettors Delight) Winner of 8 races and $42,724
PLAYSCAPE p,3,1.53.1m (h, Artsplace) Winner of 6 races and $28,996
CAT THIEF p,2,1.55.1m (m, Die Laughing) Winner of 1 race and $23,055. As Above.
MATTHATTEN p,5,1.55.2f (h, Matts Scooter) Winner of 5 races and $17,862
Arcade (h, The Panderosa)
Crimson Shadow (m, Allamerican Native). Dam of:
Friskie Shadow (g, Feelin Friskie) Winner of $8,590
Beer Can Chicken (h, Soho) Winner of $6,756
First In Town (h, Die Laughing)