J J Newton

(2010) p,5,1.54.3h $56,856
Jeremes Jet
p,4,T1.47.0m $1,519,321
Nicki Newton
p,3,1.52.1s $558,917
Western Hanover
p,3,1.50.4m $2,541,647
p,3,1.50.4m $1,135,873
Broadway Blue
p,4,1.50.4f $752,199
Armbro Lizzie
No Nukes
Wendymae Hanover
Available To Race
No Nukes
Brunhilde Hanover
Armbro Emerson
Armbro Elizabeth
NICKI NEWTON p,3,1.52.1s $558,917 by Broadway Blue. Dam of:
SHADOW NEWTON p,5,1.54.2f (g, Shadow Play) Winner of 14 races and $85,377
J J NEWTON p,5,1.54.3h (g, Jeremes Jet) Winner of 14 races and $56,856
Jet Newton (m, Jeremes Jet) Dam of:
Dusty Boots (h, Betterthancheddar). Now 2
ARMBRO LIZZIE by Armbro Emerson. Dam of:
SASS NEWTON p,7,1.51.0s (m, Storm Compensation) Winner of 38 races and $609,109. Dam of:
NEWBORN SASSY p,2,1.51.1f (m, Western Ideal) Winner of 23 races and $761,235
IDEAL NEWTON p,5,1.49.4f (m, Western Ideal) Winner of 24 races and $629,533
ISAAC NEWTON p,7,1.51.3f (h, Real Artist) Winner of 20 races and $367,840
SMART ROKKER p,6,1.50.1f (g, Rocknroll Hanover) Winner of 27 races and $246,702
HAIL DAMAGE BLUES p,2,1.55.2f (m, Western Ideal) Winner of 7 races and $83,700
CAMS THEORY p,5,1.54.2f (h, E Dees Cam) Winner of 9 races and $39,317
SASSPARILLY FILLY p,3,1.56.2s (m, Art Major) Winner of 8 races and $20,985
DREAMING DIVA p,4,1.53.1s (m, American Ideal) Winner of 2 races and $12,897
IM SASSY p,2,1.54.2m (m, Western Hanover) Winner of 1 race and $2,320
Newton Said (g, Well Said) Winner of $994. Now 3
Ru Ready For This (h, E Dees Cam)
Bag Of Figs (h, Shadow Play). Now 2
Sassy Deal (m, Western Ideal)
NICKI NEWTON p,3,1.52.1s (m, Broadway Blue) Winner of 42 races and $558,917. As Above.
NATE NEWTON p,6,1.57.3f (g, Broadway Blue) Winner of 10 races and $67,668
Bj Blue (g, Broadway Blue) Winner of $400
Bart Newton (g, Die Laughing)
ARMBRO ELIZABETH by Armbro Omaha. Dam of:
QUEENS ARMS p,4,1.53.1s (m, Armbro Emerson) Winner of 29 races and $719,434. Dam of:
ROCK ME AMASTREOS p,5,1.50.0s (h, Astreos) Winner of 31 races and $398,460
KING JOE p,5,1.52.2s (g, Camluck) Winner of 29 races and $312,216
MISS MACHQUEEN p,4,1.51.1m (m, Mach Three) Winner of 14 races and $181,167
ROYAL MACHERY p,4,Q1.56.2f (g, Mach Three) Winner of 10 races and $52,507
ROYALPAINNDASTREOS p,3,1.56.4f (h, Astreos) Winner of 4 races and $37,389
ARMED AND FABULOUS p,3,1.57.2h (m, Camluck) Winner of $32,833
Arms Of An Angel (m, Run The Table)
Royal Insignia (m, Life Sign)
ARMBRO INSIGHT p,3,1.59.2f (g, Legal Notice) Winner of 11 races and $36,882
Armbro Kitten p,4,2.02.0h (m, Legal Notice) Winner of 2 races and $1,080
Armbro Lizzie (m, Armbro Emerson). As Above.
Armbro Johnston (h, Legal Notice)