Legal Eye

(2013) p,4,1.53.1f $70,225
Real Desire
p,4,1.48.2m $3,159,814
Getting Legal
p,3,1.56.1f $10,841
Life Sign
p,3,1.50.3m $1,912,454
Deadly Desire
Jate Lobell
p,3,1.51.2m $2,231,402
Getting Physical
p,6,1.53.4m $125,037
Three Diamonds
Mystical Mood
No Nukes
J R Amy
Silky Almahurst
GETTING LEGAL p,3,1.56.1f $10,841 by Jate Lobell. Dam of:
OFF PAROLE p,3,1.50.3m (h, Artiscape) Winner of 11 races and $119,437
NIGHTINTHEBOX p,5,1.54.0m (g, Real Desire) Winner of 21 races and $80,039
LEGAL EYE p,4,1.53.1f (m, Real Desire) Winner of 6 races and $70,225
SKYWAY GRAND SLAM p,3,1.53.0s (g, Real Desire) Winner of 1 race and $6,364. Now 3
Time Served (h, Four Starzzz Shark) Winner of $1,476
GETTING PHYSICAL p,6,1.53.4m $125,037 by Albatross. Dam of:
IM A YANKEE DOODLE p,4,1.56.1f (g, Yankee Cruiser) Winner of 5 races and $50,435
PHYZZIE p,3,1.57.4h (m, Abercrombie) Winner of 4 races and $26,273. Dam of:
MR MOZZART p,5,1.53.0m (g, Ludwigpanbeethoven) Winner of 29 races and $103,265
OKAKARI p,2,1.59.1s (m, Spy Hard) Winner of 1 race and $9,685
J Ts Juliana (m, Ludwigpanbeethoven)
GETTING LEGAL p,3,1.56.1f (m, Jate Lobell) Winner of 4 races and $10,841. As Above.
Madam Ingot p,4,2.05.2h (m, Allamerican Ingot) Winner of $2,944
Getting Air (h, Air Panada)
SILKY ALMAHURST p,3,1.55.0m $202,242 by Windshield Wiper. Dam of:
AUTHENTIC p,5,1.55.0f (m, Niatross) Winner of 28 races and $245,350. Dam of:
GENUINE LADY p,3,1.51.4m (m, Abercrombie) Winner of 12 races and $426,375
TOWN PROPHET p,5,1.52.1f (h, Jate Lobell) Winner of 33 races and $238,632
FUTURES MARKET p,4,1.53.1h (g, Abercrombie) Winner of 9 races and $114,795
THE REAL WEST p,5,1.53.4m (m, Western Hanover) Winner of 12 races and $59,981
AUTHENTIC SHE p,4,1.56.1m (m, Western Hanover) Winner of 13 races and $35,560
AUTHENTIC SEELSTER p,4,1.59.4f (h, Camluck) Winner of 8 races and $16,293
Wehadadream (m, Artsplace) Winner of $4,608
Alora Seelster (m, Camluck)
JATE PROPELLED p,6,1.54.1h (h, Jate Lobell) Winner of 39 races and $181,551
GETTING PHYSICAL p,6,1.53.4m (m, Albatross) Winner of 15 races and $125,037. As Above.
JOHNNY WALKER BLUE p,2,1.54.4s (g, Matts Scooter) Winner of 5 races and $105,630
CHACO p,4,1.58.1f (g, Sonsam) Winner of 8 races and $25,322
Silky Sensation p,3,2.00.3f (m, Albatross) Winner of 2 races and $5,758. Dam of:
SKIPALONG MISTY p,2,1.53.0m (m, Broadway Express) Winner of 9 races and $200,155
PARKLANEWONDERFUL p,4,1.55.4s (g, Arts Conquest) Winner of 4 races and $15,453
THE WALL p,4,1.56.0m (g, Broadway Express) Winner of 2 races and $14,821
Sassy B Skipalong p,3,2.01.4h (m, Incredible Finale) Winner of 1 race and $4,629
Skipalong Silky (m, Satanic)
Willy The Weasel (g, Sportsmaster)
Smooth Operation (h, Nuclear Siren)
Danielle Bullville (m, Albatross)
Silkster (m, No Nukes). Dam of:
AIR FORCE p,3,1.58.2f (h, Mach Three) Winner of 4 races and $27,508
SPUN p,5,1.53.4h (h, Cambest) Winner of 8 races and $27,178
Silky Shannon (m, Artiscape)