(2013) p,2,1.53.4s $117,376
American Ideal
p,3,1.47.4m $786,055
p,5,1.52.2f $374,152
Western Ideal
p,5,1.48.0m $1,455,422
Lifetime Success
p,3,1.52.2m $34,711
p,3,1.49.3z $1,469,461
Sleep All Day
p,3,1.57.2f $8,464
Western Hanover
Leah Almahurst
Matts Scooter
Three Diamonds
Delinquent Account
Falcon Seelster
Daisys Dream Time
HYPNOTIZE p,5,1.52.2f $374,152 by Artiscape. Dam of:
CAST NO SHADOW p,3,1.50.4s (m, Shadow Play) Winner of 13 races and $288,894
At 3, winner of Princess Series final, Blossom Series final, OSS Gold at Mohawk
LYRA p,2,1.53.4s (m, American Ideal) Winner of 8 races and $117,376
ONE SOURCE p,3,1.54.4f (g, Badlands Hanover) Winner of 2 races and $29,057. Now 3
Hypnotic Play (m, Shadow Play) Winner of $1,257. Now 2
No Ordinary Man (h, Betterthancheddar). Yearling
SLEEP ALL DAY p,3,1.57.2f $8,464 by Falcon Seelster. Dam of:
HYPNOTIZE p,5,1.52.2f (m, Artiscape) Winner of 38 races and $374,152. As Above.
FOUR HOUR NAP p,5,1.52.2m (m, Four Starzzz Shark) Winner of 20 races and $120,881
LATE FOR WORK p,5,1.53.2f (m, Allamerican Ingot) Winner of 23 races and $106,656
SLEEP TALKER p,6,1.57.2h (m, Tell All) Winner of 12 races and $75,697
TUCKERED OUT p,4,1.54.2f (m, Four Starzzz Shark) Winner of 6 races and $69,675
MAJOR INDISCRETION p,3,1.55.1f (h, Art Major) Winner of 6 races and $53,517
ROUGH NIGHT p,3,1.51.1m (h, Grinfromeartoear) Winner of 6 races and $53,163
SLEEP NO MORE p,3,1.53.1f (g, Jennas Beach Boy) Winner of 7 races and $27,047
DAISYS DREAM TIME p,3,1.59.2q $115,152 by Meadow Skipper. Dam of:
DIRK ALMAHURST p,8,1.53.3s (h, Radiant Ruler) Winner of 51 races and $273,254
BLITZEN ALMAHURST p,5,1.53.0f (h, Bret Hanover) Winner of 25 races and $205,490
SOUND OF VICTORY p,5,1.54.1m (h, Bret Hanover) Winner of 26 races and $141,771
DUMPLING ALMAHURST p,4,T1.52.4m (m, Radiant Ruler) Winner of 16 races and $108,292. Dam of:
SOUTHWIND DASHER p,3,1.56.3f (h, No Nukes) Winner of 6 races and $32,385
SOUTHWIND DALE p,3,1.56.0m (m, Laag) Winner of 6 races and $21,106
BRED TOBE THE BEST p,3,1.54.4h (h, Nihilator) Winner of 37 races and $90,785
CARVER p,3,1.52.0m (h, Falcon Seelster) Winner of 13 races and $87,205
DICKENS ALMAHURST p,4,1.56.2m (g, The Denman) Winner of 11 races and $38,879
Delray Almahurst p,2,2.01.1f (m, Abercrombie) Winner of 2 races and $23,294. Dam of:
BEACH RAY p,5,1.52.4f (g, Beach Towel) Winner of 22 races and $871,536
BROTHER RAY p,3,1.49.3m (h, Dragon Again) Winner of 14 races and $248,718
ELEPHANT WALK 1.14.5 (h, Zoot Suit) Winner of 6 races and SEK 188,300
THAT CERTAIN LOOK p,3,1.58.0h (m, Falcon Seelster) Winner of 4 races and $19,708
Diamond Rustler p,2,2.07.1h (m, Rustler Hanover) Winner of 1 race and $217
Time Bie (m, Nihilator)
Aint No April Fool (m, Rustler Hanover)
SOUND OFF p,3,1.57.0f (h, Dragons Lair) Winner of 6 races and $10,762
SLEEP ALL DAY p,3,1.57.2f (m, Falcon Seelster) Winner of 2 races and $8,464. As Above.
Up All Night (m, Dragons Lair). Dam of:
Red Eye (m, Nuclear Siren)