Macho Mcgraw

(2009) p,8,1.54.3f $48,151
p,2,1.54.0m $10,728
Ashante Macho
p,8,1.54.4f $68,733
Life Sign
p,3,1.50.3m $1,912,454
p,2,1.55.3f $326,212
Nobleland Sam
p,3,1.53.0m $451,417
Talent Line
p,4,1.56.0f $132,205
Three Diamonds
Jate Lobell
Ima Happy Noble
Falcon Almahurst
Brets Barb
ASHANTE MACHO p,8,1.54.4f $68,733 by Nobleland Sam. Dam of:
DA CHIEF p,5,Q1.54.4f (g, By A Length) Winner of 4 races and $68,516
MACHO MCGRAW p,8,1.54.3f (g, Neutralize) Winner of 4 races and $48,151
Spoonful Of Sugar (h, Neutralize) Winner of $4,235
We Own The Night (h, By A Length)
TALENT LINE p,4,1.56.0f $132,205 by Falcon Almahurst. Dam of:
ASHANTE MACHO p,8,1.54.4f (m, Nobleland Sam) Winner of 41 races and $68,733. As Above.
MACHO IN MOTION p,4,1.56.3s (g, Storm Damage) Winner of 17 races and $48,333
TALENTED SAMANTHA p,5,1.56.0h (m, Nobleland Sam) Winner of 15 races and $28,927. Dam of:
Kr Talented Spirit (h, Western Spirit)
Sams Noble Doctor (h, Doctor Of Style)
Samslittle Pine (h, Pine Valley). Now 2
Samsmidnightstar (h, Pine Valley)
Matthew Macho p,3,2.01.0h (h, Nobleland Sam) Winner of 8 races and $8,196
Rose Run Cadet p,2,2.05.0h (h, Nobleland Sam) Winner of 1 race and $5,333
Ave Maria Macho (m, Nobleland Sam) Winner of $424. Dam of:
LARKIN p,4,1.55.4f (m, Shark St Partners) Winner of 10 races and $42,645
Tennesse Tom (h, Memphis Flash)
Comes N Pairs (m, On The Road Again)
BRETS BARB by Bret Hanover. Dam of:
TALENT LINE p,4,1.56.0f (m, Falcon Almahurst) Winner of 14 races and $132,205
CHOICE PROPERTY p,4,1.53.3m (g, Laag) Winner of 18 races and $127,641
At 3 winner of Reynolds S., third in Gaines Memorial.
WILD AS THE WIND p,4,1.59.3h (m, Falcon Almahurst) Winner of 18 races and $51,671
DAM of WILD CARD 1:53.3M ($92,861).. Dam of:
WILD CARD p,5,1.53.3m (h, Cams Card Shark) Winner of 20 races and $92,861
MADSTEPJAC p,3,1.55.1z (h, Bonnie And Clyde) Winner of 6 races and $22,892
Ramstone Marjori p,3,2.12.3h (m, Farmsteads Fame) Winner of 1 race and $642
Jet Wind Stream (m, Jet Pace)
Nuclear Wind (m, Nuclear High)
Ramstone J T (h, Walton Hanover)
Wild Turkey N Gin (m, Ataturk)
MINE FOREVER p,6,1.59.0f (m, On The Road Again) Winner of 17 races and $50,414. Dam of:
Hoos The Boss (m, Hoodoo Lobell)
Ivegotatangledmind (g, Hoodoo Lobell)
BEST ENTRY p,3,1.56.3f (m, Laag) Winner of 3 races and $22,230. Dam of:
TRIBAL PRINCESS p,3,1.59.1f (m, Apaches Fame) Winner of 5 races and $27,198
LUCKY ENTRY p,5,1.59.0h (m, Camluck) Winner of 3 races and $27,046
FIESTY MIKE p,2,1.58.1s (g, Run The Table) Winner of 5 races and $17,089
BEST OF DEX p,3,2.00.0h (m, Dexter Nukes) Winner of 1 race and $3,181
Rustlers Best (m, Rustler Hanover)
Special Offer p,4,2.00.3h (m, On The Road Again) Winner of 4 races and $21,021
AWFUL GOOD p,3,1.59.0f (g, Falcon Almahurst) Winner of 6 races and $13,714