Medoland Braxton

Feelin Friskie
p,3,1.49.1m $784,210
Medoland Nobletam
p,3,1.49.3z $1,469,461
Nadias Sister
p,2,1.56.3m $162,887
Nobleland Sam
p,3,1.53.0m $451,417
Tammy L Tup
p,4,1.56.3f $36,035
Delinquent Account
No Nukes
Norah Bell
Ima Happy Noble
Billy Dart
Peggy Tup
MEDOLAND NOBLETAM by Nobleland Sam. Dam of:
MEDOLANDCAMPBELL E p,4,1.52.1f (g, Yankee Cruiser) Winner of 14 races and $77,352
MEDOLAND BOBCAT p,3,1.55.4h (g, Yankee Cruiser) Winner of 8 races and $50,327
MEDOLAND ZIZZY p,2,1.54.3f (m, Yankee Cruiser) Winner of 3 races and $23,460
Medoland Darby (m, Yankee Cruiser) Winner of $8,445. Now 3
Medoland Braxton (h, Feelin Friskie). Yearling
Medoland Campbell (h, Yankee Cruiser)
Medoland Campbell (h, Yankee Cruiser)
TAMMY L TUP p,4,1.56.3f $36,035 by Billy Dart. Dam of:
MEDOLAND DON p,2,1.53.3f (h, Nobleland Sam) Winner of 20 races and $122,230
MEDOLAND CARTER p,3,1.53.3f (h, Nobleland Sam) Winner of 15 races and $92,188
DYNO MITE MAN p,3,1.53.2f (g, Mantacular) Winner of 5 races and $77,830
MEDOLAND TED p,3,1.58.1s (h, Expensive Scooter) Winner of 4 races and $18,598
MEDOLAND GRIFFEY p,3,1.57.0f (g, Nobleland Sam) Winner of 4 races and $17,488
SHES ONLY COASTIN p,2,1.58.4s (m, Dave Panlone) Winner of 1 race and $8,340
Jakinator (g, Feelin Friskie) Winner of $2,170
Medoland Mamacita (m, Medoland Sam)
Medoland Nobletam (m, Nobleland Sam). As Above.
Medoland Nobleted (h, Nobleland Sam)
Medoland Sams Tam (m, Medoland Sam)
PEGGY TUP by Cavalcade. Dam of:
ROYCEITA TUP p,5,1.55.0m (m, Royce) Winner of 53 races and $144,943
RAMBLING TUP p,4,1.58.1m (g, Happy Escort) Winner of 30 races and $68,383
TAMMY L TUP p,4,1.56.3f (m, Billy Dart) Winner of 9 races and $36,035. As Above.
Sheza Tup (m, Nobleland Sam) Winner of $3,819
David M Tup (h, Noble Return) Winner of $2,346
Matt T Tup (g, Mattcando)
Brittany Tup (m, Nobleland Sam). Dam of:
GIZCANDO p,7,1.56.3f (g, Mattcando) Winner of 49 races and $109,581
Jan Mctup (h, Mattcando)
David Be Gone (h, Mcjate)
Christy Tup (m, Nobleland Sam)
Stormy Tup (g, Handsome Sum)
Tippie Tup (m, Domitian). Dam of:
CINDY MARIE TUP p,4,1.56.3f (m, Nobleland Sam) Winner of 31 races and $88,468
T J Tup p,6,2.00.1f (m, Sydney Hill) Winner of 17 races and $17,867
Jaime Marie Tup p,2,2.03.1h (m, Nobleland Sam) Winner of 3 races and $6,639
Howard Tup p,4,2.01.2f (g, Mattcando) Winner of 2 races and $4,558
Brit Tip Tup (m, Medoland Sam) Winner of $1,575