Obsessed Blue Chip

(2014) 3,2.00.2h $10,224
Chapter Seven
4,1.50.1m $1,954,966
Gluteus Maximus
2,1.59.3f $263,758
Windsongs Legacy
3,1.53.0m $1,921,088
La Riviera Lindy
3,2.01.1f $2,700
Credit Winner
1.54.0 $1,495,295
Sunrise Isle
Conway Hall
Yankee Windsong
Dream Vacation
Royal Lindy
American Winner
Lawn Tennis
Dancers Victory
Incredible Charm
GLUTEUS MAXIMUS 2,1.59.3f $263,758 by Credit Winner. Dam of:
MIGISI 3,1.57.0f (m, Andover Hall) Winner of 5 races and $105,498
At 2, winner of PA Stallion leg at Pocono Dam of:
Meme Hanover 2,Q2.01.2f (h, Explosive Matter) Winner of 3 races and $76,349
Mixtext Hanover (m, Muscle Massive). Now 3
Manhattan Hanover (h, Muscle Massive)
Marine Hanover (h, Explosive Matter). Now 2
Celebrity Pilatus (h, Donato Hanover) Winner of $35,936
Garbo Blue Chip (m, Muscles Yankee) Winner of $17,831
Obsessed Blue Chip 3,2.00.2h (m, Chapter Seven) Winner of 2 races and $10,224
Corazon Blue Chip (m, Muscle Hill) Winner of $3,145 Dam of:
FOURTH DIMENSION 2,1.52.4m (h, Chapter Seven) Winner of 8 races and $397,410. Now 3
Tu Eres Mi Corazon (m, Uncle Peter). Now 2
SUNRISE ISLE by Dancers Victory. Dam of:
GLUTEUS MAXIMUS 2,1.59.3f (m, Credit Winner) Winner of 3 races and $263,758
At 2, winner of div. of Acorn. As Above.
SUN ISLAND 6,1.55.0f (g, Cr Excalibur) Winner of 11 races and $148,204
Prima Stella 4,2.00.4h (m, Credit Winner) Winner of 5 races and $33,485. Dam of:
Trottolino Bingo (g, Lear Jetta) Winner of $650
Primo Il Padre (h, Pastor Stephen). Now 2
Winner At Sundown (g, Credit Winner) Winner of $2,276
Rising Credit (h, Credit Winner)
Sun Isle (h, Angus Hall)
Sunrise Winner (h, Credit Winner)
Sunset Isle (h, Angus Hall)
INCREDIBLE CHARM by Incredible Nevele. Dam of:
MAGICIAN 6,1.52.2m (g, Royal Prestige) Winner of 49 races and $3,614,801
Magic Charm (m, Credit Winner) Winner of $110. Dam of:
STIRLING CHARISMA 5,1.54.0f (m, Majestic Son) Winner of 13 races and $110,292
Agobra Miss Charm 1.15.3 (m, Express Lavec) Winner of 3 races and SEK 84,000
Augury 1.16.7 (m, Andover Hall) Winner of 2 races and EUR 3,280
Stirling Ambition (h, Glidemaster) Winner of $1,089
River av Ekbacka (h, Carl Otto)
Magicelle (m, Enjoy Lavec)
Chips Victory (h, Crystas Crown)
Crown King (h, Wesgate Crown)
Royal Delight (m, Royal Prestige)
Royal Quest (h, Royal Prestige)
Sunrise Isle (m, Dancers Victory). As Above.