Basic Information
Listing Type $10,000 - $19,999 
Gait Pace 
Sex Gelding 
Age 10 
Color Bay 
Location Ohio
(Dan Ater Stable
Clarksburg, OH) 
Statement (Last updated: March 25, 2018)
River will always have a special place in our hearts.  He joined our posse last Labor Day.  It took a few weeks and then - KABOOM! - he got his motor revved up and was unbeatable October and November.  Overall, he has only missed a handful of envelopes out of 2 dozen races for us.  Sound and even-tempered, River will do his work during the week without any hesitation - and, then be ready to give a  good effort on raceday.  Look over his race videos and you'll see that this old guy stays with the gate - settles in mid pack and at the half fires up.  After he passes the field - he'll give a decent sub 30 lq.  Our trainer has diagnosed River as being bored lately.  To that regard, we've agreed that as much as we hate to say good-bye, a new good and decent owner will probably pep him up for another campaign.  Old Man River has been competing (and he is competitive!) in the claimers at Dayton and Miami Valley.   We are offering him for direct sale should an owner prefer to avoid the wait after claim.  If you want a big, power horse for Hoosier, Northfield, Northville or The Meadows ... here's your chance to add a horse that just keeps rolling along.  Call with any questions or to arrange transaction. 
Contact Information
Name Jack 

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