Paydaze On The Way

(2011) p,4,1.52.2f $246,886
Look Sharp
p,2,1.56.2m $49,572
Shantytown Girl
p,2,1.59.0h $5,980
p,4,1.53.0m $984,391
Armbro Ruby
Towners Big Guy
p,3,1.52.1f $616,841
Magical Sum
Silent Majority
Most Happy Fella
Beautiful Hanover
Big Towner
Lustra Hanover
Cams Magic Trick
Worthy Sum
SHANTYTOWN GIRL p,2,1.59.0h $5,980 by Towners Big Guy. Dam of:
PAYDAZE ON THE WAY p,4,1.52.2f (m, Look Sharp) Winner of 25 races and $246,886
At 2, winner of Ohio SS. At 3, winner of Hackett elim, two Ohio SS
PAYDAZE A ROCKIN p,3,Q1.57.0f (g, World Of Rocknroll) Winner of 6 races and $24,588
Hot Rockin Paydaze (m, World Of Rocknroll). Now 3
Snobbytown (m, Nob Hill High). Yearling
MAGICAL SUM $1,809 by Cams Magic Trick. Dam of:
I D K p,4,1.53.2s (h, Stand Forever) Winner of 29 races and $149,862
GOD ONLY KNOWS p,3,Q1.56.0f (m, Dave Panlone) Winner of 9 races and $89,584
SHANTY TOWN GUY p,3,1.56.1f (g, Towners Big Guy) Winner of 6 races and $40,226
ILOOKLIKEMYGRANNY p,4,1.58.2h (m, Stand Forever) Winner of 8 races and $14,867
SHANTYTOWN GIRL p,2,1.59.0h (m, Towners Big Guy) Winner of $5,980. As Above.
Nobody Cares p,2,2.04.0h (m, Squaws Fella) Winner of 1 race and $5,231
Daves Final Lady (m, Dave Panlone) Winner of $1,502
Daves Final Shot (h, Dave Panlone)
Charleys Magic (g, Charley Barley)
Rockin Magic (m, World Of Rocknroll). Now 2
Magical Nob (h, Nob Hill High). Yearling
WORTHY SUM p,5,1.54.3m $29,329 by Handsome Sum. Dam of:
WORTHYS MAGIC p,6,1.51.4f (g, Cams Magic Trick) Winner of 41 races and $203,418
WORTHY LADY p,5,1.56.0f (m, Cams Magic Trick) Winner of 20 races and $79,257
PINE MOUNTAIN LADY p,5,1.53.1f (m, Jet Laag) Winner of 10 races and $47,245
Magical Sum (m, Cams Magic Trick) Winner of $1,809. As Above.
Worthy Annie (m, Nobleland Sam)
Worthy Samantha (m, Nobleland Sam)