(2011) p,4,1.51.1f $103,420
The Panderosa
p,3,1.49.3m $1,452,418
Pinehaven Amber
p,6,1.53.1f $363,919
Western Hanover
p,3,1.50.4m $2,541,647
Daisy Harbor
p,3,T1.53.3m $293,482
Au Crombie
p,2,1.55.1f $128,209
Fun By Nero
p,4,1.58.2m $24,656
No Nukes
Wendymae Hanover
Coal Harbor
J R Daisy
Au Clair
Fanny Blue Chip
PINEHAVEN AMBER p,6,1.53.1f $363,919 by Au Crombie. Dam of:
DONT TELL RUSTY p,5,1.50.1f (h, Tell All) Winner of 24 races and $203,346
PINEAROSA p,4,1.51.1f (g, The Panderosa) Winner of 8 races and $103,420
RUSTYS CAMBER p,5,1.54.0f (m, Cambest) Winner of 10 races and $79,143
PINEHAVEN ART p,4,1.54.4f (h, Real Artist) Winner of 4 races and $59,979
PINEHAVEN RUSTY p,4,1.54.2f (h, Badlands Hanover) Winner of 7 races and $36,024
RUSTYS ROUGE p,4,1.54.1f (g, Cambest) Winner of 6 races and $33,812
Pinehaven Fortune (g, Cams Fortune) Winner of $1,170
FUN BY NERO p,4,1.58.2m $24,656 by Nero. Dam of:
PINEHAVEN AMBER p,6,1.53.1f (m, Au Crombie) Winner of 35 races and $363,919. As Above.
PINEHAVEN LUCKY p,4,1.53.0f (g, Badlands Hanover) Winner of 7 races and $109,243
PINEHAVEN HARRY p,4,1.52.3f (h, Arturo) Winner of 12 races and $105,175
ABBYS MARK p,6,1.56.0f (g, Tylers Mark) Winner of 14 races and $38,794
PINEHAVEN DOC p,4,1.58.3f (g, Au Crombie) Winner of 2 races and $15,547
Pinehaven Courtney p,4,Q2.03.3h (m, Pershing Square) Winner of 1 race and $4,021
In Hand (m, Conquered) Winner of $64
FANNY BLUE CHIP by Most Happy Fella. Dam of:
INFECTIOUS LAUGH p,7,1.55.3f (m, Kentucky Spur) Winner of 45 races and $179,951. Dam of:
MAGIC OF NORTHFORK p,3,1.54.1s (h, Magical Mike) Winner of 7 races and $34,598
Willies Last Laugh (h, Whelan Willie)
Fanny Fanny p,3,2.00.2f (m, Albert Albert) Winner of 12 races and $29,748
FUN BY NERO p,4,1.58.2m (m, Nero) Winner of 8 races and $24,656. As Above.
FINAL PHASE p,4,2.00.0f (m, Nero) Winner of 2 races and $10,947. Dam of:
PAULS POWER PLAY p,3,1.57.0f (g, Walton Hanover) Winner of 11 races and $36,840
HIGH HILL BERETTA p,3,1.59.2f (m, New Bret) Winner of $3,823
Stride Lite (m, Big Towner) Winner of $263
Appratus (h, Amity Chef)
Direct And Final (m, Direct Scooter)
Classic Estate p,3,2.00.2f (g, Coal Harbor) Winner of 3 races and $5,019
Aunt Sam (m, Say Hello) Winner of $3,569
Fanny Spur (g, Barberry Spur) Winner of $189
Harboragrudge (m, Coal Harbor)