Reckoning Day

(2010) p,4,1.51.1f $128,543
p,8,1.50.2m $1,413,550
Western Missy
p,4,1.53.0m $984,391
Seven Oclock
p,4,1.53.3m $559,080
Western Hanover
p,3,1.50.4m $2,541,647
Moffat Missy
p,6,1.51.3m $379,869
Silent Majority
Tyler B
No Nukes
Wendymae Hanover
Armbro Iona
WESTERN MISSY $1,111 by Western Hanover. Dam of:
WESTERN COLE p,3,1.52.3m (h, Cole Muffler) Winner of 13 races and $171,337
RECKONING DAY p,4,1.51.1f (g, Dontgetinmyway) Winner of 29 races and $128,543
WALKING TALL p,4,1.52.1f (g, Total Truth) Winner of 8 races and $93,559
LETS GO TO CANCUN p,4,1.56.1f (m, Cole Muffler) Winner of 12 races and $52,040
Head Strong p,3,2.02.0h (g, Shadyshark Hanover) Winner of 3 races and $21,017
Indy Rose (m, Real Desire) Winner of $2,100. Now 2
Rocketgirl (m, Total Truth). Now 3
Here For A Reason (h, Arts Conquest)
Moon Pie (m, Real Desire). Yearling
Raptured (h, Rockin Image)
MOFFAT MISSY p,6,1.51.3m $379,869 by Camtastic. Dam of:
DRUM MAJOR p,4,Q1.54.3f (h, Art Major) Winner of 8 races and $66,875
TOTAL RELEASE p,7,1.51.3m (h, Western Hanover) Winner of 15 races and $65,133
STEAL MY HEART p,4,1.57.0f (m, Dream Away) Winner of 7 races and $39,116. Dam of:
DAYLYN HORIZON p,4,1.54.3f (g, Goth Vader) Winner of 11 races and $36,953
Canbec Habanera p,2,2.03.4h (m, Canbec Athlete) Winner of $1,700
WESTERN MOGUL p,4,1.55.0f (h, Western Hanover) Winner of 5 races and $25,361
N THATS THAT p,3,1.58.4m (m, No Nukes) Winner of 3 races and $10,123. Dam of:
Bc Frosty (m, Admirals Galley) Winner of $2,322
Western Missy (m, Western Hanover) Winner of $1,111. As Above.
ARMBRO IONA by Legal Notice. Dam of:
MOFFAT MISSY p,6,1.51.3m (m, Camtastic) Winner of 19 races and $379,869. As Above.
THE IDES OF MARCH p,4,1.53.2f (h, Pacific Rocket) Winner of 22 races and $321,418
JIFFY POPCORN p,7,1.52.0f (h, Village Jiffy) Winner of 23 races and $303,968
C W FALCON p,5,1.53.1s (h, Albert Albert) Winner of 9 races and $128,594
IONA TABLE p,4,1.56.4f (m, Run The Table) Winner of 7 races and $47,905. Dam of:
FULLA CAMOTION p,6,1.58.3h (m, Camotion) Winner of 19 races and $72,144
SIMPLY SMASHING p,4,1.58.1h (m, Grinfromeartoear) Winner of 8 races and $29,676
WHEREFOREARTTHOU p,3,1.58.2h (h, Grinfromeartoear) Winner of 3 races and $21,781
Dream It (m, Camotion)
Grinforlorilynne (m, Grinfromeartoear)
Guido (h, Island Fantasy)
Miss Udinese (m, Island Fantasy)
ROSES ARE RUTHLESS p,3,1.57.2s (m, Totally Ruthless) Winner of 9 races and $30,722. Dam of:
Demon Rocket p,3,2.00.1f (m, Pacific Rocket) Winner of 4 races and $29,799
Astro Goddess (m, Astreos)
IONA ROCKET p,2,1.55.3f (m, Pacific Rocket) Winner of 2 races and $7,700. Dam of:
MACHS ROCKET p,2,1.53.1s (m, Mach Three) Winner of 4 races and $59,561
THREE ROCKETS p,5,1.57.3f (g, Mach Three) Winner of 14 races and $52,003
Folkard p,3,Q2.03.0h (g, Shark Gesture) Winner of $928
Grand Gesture (h, Shark Gesture)
Rockets First Lady (m, Presidential Ball)
Iona Star (m, Northern Luck)
Mariah Gold (h, E Dees Cam)
P C Spitfire (h, Million Dollar Cam)