Reys N A Rocket

(2014) p,3,2.02.4h $19,554
p,8,1.51.4s $494,587
Allamerican Orchid
p,3,1.56.3f $51,965
Pacific Rocket
p,4,1.50.0s $2,333,401
p,3,1.53.1m $160,926
p,5,T1.48.4m $1,003,260
Armbro Orleans
p,3,2.05.2h $3,746
Albert Albert
Flat Foot Fluzy
Matts Scooter
Ata Alma
Cam Fella
Lucky Lady
No Nukes
Armbro Bala
ALLAMERICAN ORCHID p,3,1.56.3f $51,965 by Camluck. Dam of:
Reys N A Rocket p,3,2.02.4h (m, Mattarocket) Winner of 7 races and $19,554. Now 3
Diggin A Trench p,3,2.04.1h (h, Armbro Trench) Winner of 7 races and $18,549
Whatchamacallit p,3,2.08.3h (h, Armbro Trench) Winner of 1 race and $2,114
Gordjus Louie (h, Armbro Trench)
Reys N An Orchid (m, Mattarocket). Now 2
ARMBRO ORLEANS p,3,2.05.2h $3,746 by No Nukes. Dam of:
PIERCE ARROW p,5,1.53.1f (g, Jennas Beach Boy) Winner of 27 races and $200,138
COMMITMENT p,7,1.53.0m (h, Artsplace) Winner of 49 races and $174,282
CARAS ALLAMERICAN p,7,1.55.4f (h, Grinfromeartoear) Winner of 41 races and $101,214
ALLAMERICAN ORCHID p,3,1.56.3f (m, Camluck) Winner of 7 races and $51,965. As Above.
ALLAMERICAN ORBIT p,4,1.56.1f (h, Mach Three) Winner of 7 races and $22,882
JAROMIR p,3,1.58.0f (h, Jennas Beach Boy) Winner of 2 races and $10,880
White Orleans Jill (m, Whitefish Falls)
ARMBRO BALA p,2,1.58.1m $215,929 by Albatross. Dam of:
SHIPPS SCORCH p,3,1.54.1m (h, Big Towner) Winner of 23 races and $755,065
At 2, winner of Champlain S., Potomac P., Tompkins-Geers S. and elims of Presidential P. and Governor’s Cup; second in Prix de l’Avenir, Nassagaweya S., elim. of Breeders Crown, Goshen Cup and elim. of Woodrow Wilson; third in Niatross S., elim. of Metro S. and heat of Bluegrass S. At 3, winner of elims of Meadowlands P. and North America Cup; second in Final of Windy City P., elims of Cane and Burlington P.; third in heat of Little Brown Jug.
SHIPPS PURSER p,2,1.52.3m (h, Cam Fella) Winner of 9 races and $323,120
At 2, winner of Prix de l’Avenir, Matron S., Final of Bluegrass S. and elims of Governor’s Cup, Presidential S. and Canadian Juvenile S.; second in Champlain S.; third in heat of Bluegrass S., etc. At 3, winner of elim. of Berry’s Creek P.; second in North America Cup and elim. of Meadowlands Pace.
ARMBRO INTERCEPT p,4,1.53.2m (h, Direct Scooter) Winner of 23 races and $285,846
At 2, second in elimination of Presidential Pace; third in NJSS at The Meadowlands. At 3, third in NJSS and NJSS consolation at The Meadowlands. At 4, winner of leg of North American Series, leg of Four Leaf Clover Series and consolation of Complex Series; second in On The Road Again and leg of North American Series.
GRYPHON p,10,1.56.4f (g, Big Towner) Winner of 67 races and $239,191
ALEXEI ALEXEI p,4,1.53.1f (h, Big Towner) Winner of 22 races and $111,801
ARMBRO NEW YORK p,8,1.59.2f (g, Big Towner) Winner of 20 races and $70,757
ARMBRO MANHATTAN p,3,1.56.2s (m, Big Towner) Winner of 2 races and $27,709. Dam of:
ARMBRO BLACKTIE p,6,1.54.0f (h, Camluck) Winner of 28 races and $365,003
ARMBRO WALLSTREET p,5,1.51.4f (h, Village Jiffy) Winner of 36 races and $266,197
ARMBRO VERMONT p,3,1.54.1s (h, Village Jiffy) Winner of 14 races and $124,022
ARMBRO AFFIRM p,4,1.54.1f (h, Dream Away) Winner of 19 races and $83,972
ARMBRO TOPHAT p,2,1.55.3s (m, Presidential Ball) Winner of 2 races and $61,759
MR MANHATTAN p,7,1.59.4h (h, Blissfull Hall) Winner of 9 races and $54,286
MANHATTAN DELIGHT p,3,1.57.4s (m, Bettors Delight) Winner of 8 races and $29,499
ARMBRO CHICAGO p,3,1.58.1f (h, Cams Card Shark) Winner of 5 races and $12,823
Man Enough p,3,2.01.4h (g, E Dees Cam) Winner of 1 race and $4,320
Way To Go Emily (m, Riverboat King) Winner of $2,811
Spin Nocchio p,2,2.10.2h (h, Village Jove)
Armbro Downtown (m, Bettors Delight)
Armbomotion (m, Camotion)
ARMBRO PURSE p,3,1.57.2s (m, No Nukes) Winner of 2 races and $24,258
At 3, winner of 2 legs of Miss Vera Bars Series; second in leg of Blizzard Series; third in Final of Miss Vera Bars Series and leg of Blizzard Series.. Dam of:
SHIPPS XPECTANCY p,7,1.49.1s (g, Mach Three) Winner of 27 races and $654,805
ARMBRO DOWRY p,4,1.52.1s (g, Bettors Delight) Winner of 13 races and $243,386
ARMBRO ABSTRACT p,3,1.53.0m (m, Matts Scooter) Winner of 4 races and $153,191
ARMBRO CACHET p,3,1.52.4s (m, Camluck) Winner of 5 races and $119,503
CHIPMUNKS CAN SING p,3,1.53.2s (m, Artiscape) Winner of 6 races and $56,950
Scotty Dude p,11,2.00.3h (g, Village Jiffy) Winner of 39 races and $25,118
Shipps Destination (h, Camotion) Winner of $16,785
P L Armada p,4,2.00.3h (h, Camotion) Winner of $16,195
Shipps Xcellency (h, Million Dollar Cam)
Erge Amarula (m, Bolero Mozart)
Erge Sangria (m, Bolero Mozart)
ARMBRO SCORCH p,3,1.59.4h (m, Presidential Ball) Winner of 5 races and $17,456. Dam of:
WESTERN SCORCH p,5,1.52.1m (m, The Panderosa) Winner of 11 races and $100,740
YANKEE SCORCH p,5,1.54.1f (m, Yankee Cruiser) Winner of 9 races and $89,615
HOT MANDY p,6,1.53.1h (m, Mantacular) Winner of 18 races and $68,309
ONE HOT YANKEE p,3,1.55.4h (g, Yankee Cruiser) Winner of 7 races and $53,518
CASINO ADVANTAGE p,8,1.52.3f (g, On The Attack) Winner of 8 races and $46,659
ART SHERMAN p,3,1.53.4m (h, Artiscape) Winner of 2 races and $13,462
Getyourgoodtimeon p,3,2.00.3f (h, Mantacular) Winner of 1 race and $1,573
Justtodarncute (m, The Panderosa)
Armbro Orleans p,3,2.05.2h (m, No Nukes) Winner of 1 race and $3,746. As Above.
Armbro Bali p,2,Q2.06.1h (m, Village Jiffy) Winner of $629. Dam of:
Warrawee Kreme p,3,2.05.1h (m, Real Desire) Winner of $1,116
Armbro Carousel (m, Armbro Operative). Dam of:
MEADOWLARKCALESITA p,4,1.58.2m (m, As Promised) Winner of 4 races and $24,349
DREAMWAY CRUISER p,3,Q2.00.0f (h, Camystic) Winner of 2 races and $16,265
Dreamway Dangerous (h, Mach Three)
Meadowlarkmissruby (m, Brandons Cowboy)
Armbro Admiral (h, Village Jiffy)
Armbro Verona (m, Presidential Ball). Dam of:
FOX VALLEY FLYBY p,6,1.52.2f (g, Sportsmaster) Winner of 43 races and $261,015
RICH N FAMOUS p,3,1.57.4f (h, Richess Hanover) Winner of 3 races and $10,239
Fox Valley Vino p,4,2.01.4h (h, Incredible Finale) Winner of 1 race and $6,639
Fox Valley Lucky (m, Sportsmaster)
Dexter Ninety (h, No Nukes)
Armbro Resort (m, Cam Fella)