(2007) p,5,1.51.1f $189,859
Red River Hanover
p,3,1.48.4s $1,394,626
Millenium Missle
p,4,1.57.1f $31,890
Western Hanover
p,3,1.50.4m $2,541,647
Rich N Elegant
p,3,1.56.4m $96,244
Sealed N Delivered
p,3,1.50.4m $846,983
Barnyard Dance
p,2,1.57.2h $40,865
No Nukes
Wendymae Hanover
Direct Scooter
Proven Perfect
Falcon Seelster
Dana L Almahurst
MILLENIUM MISSLE p,4,1.57.1f $31,890 by Sealed N Delivered. Dam of:
RIVERDANCER p,5,1.51.1f (m, Red River Hanover) Winner of 32 races and $189,859
WYNWOOD ART p,2,Q1.58.4f (h, Arturo) Winner of $2,930
BARNYARD DANCE p,2,1.57.2h $40,865 by Artsplace. Dam of:
IM SHEILA p,3,1.55.3m (m, Brandons Cowboy) Winner of 9 races and $165,895
At 2, winner of ABSS Starlet at Alberta Downs. Dam of:
Budgie Smuggler (h, Mystery Chase). Now 2
MILLENIUM MISSLE p,4,1.57.1f (m, Sealed N Delivered) Winner of 6 races and $31,890. As Above.
Bedrock Pebbles (m, Sealed N Delivered) Winner of $2,328
La Bamba (m, Sealed N Delivered) Winner of $272
Do You Wanna Dance (m, Sealed N Delivered)
Flintstone Flirt (m, With Held)
Ahorsewithnoname (m, Sealed N Delivered)
SCHWING by No Nukes. Dam of:
GENERAL CHALLENGE p,6,1.49.3m (h, Life Sign) Winner of 31 races and $476,779
EL DIABLO p,3,1.51.3m (h, Presidential Ball) Winner of 11 races and $214,453
YOUREMYADDICTION p,6,1.55.4m (m, Life Sign) Winner of 25 races and $55,710
BARNYARD DANCE p,2,1.57.2h (m, Artsplace) Winner of 2 races and $40,865. As Above.
ON THE WAY HOME p,5,Q1.56.0f (m, Power Of Art) Winner of 11 races and $38,508
Pay Or Stay (m, Power Of Art)
Proper Attire Only (h, Presidential Ball)
Changeisgonnacome (m, Power Of Art)
Girlswannahavefun (m, Life Sign). Dam of:
ONTOP GIRLCHARMER p,3,1.59.6h (h, The Preacher Pan) Winner of 6 races and GBP 8,434
Ontop Wanna Bee (h, The Preacher Pan)
Ontop Girl Power (m, The Preacher Pan)
Im A Treat (m, Life Sign). Dam of:
YIPPI KI YEAH p,6,1.53.0f (g, Cams Rocket) Winner of 10 races and $130,547
ROCKEN ROLL EM p,5,1.58.4f (g, Cams Rocket) Winner of 2 races and $14,657
Just Jack p,2,2.00.1h (h, Cams Rocket) Winner of 3 races and $14,421
Anna B (m, Cams Rocket). Now 2
Im A Nuclear (m, Nuclear Breeze)
Im Wild About Me (m, Nuclear Breeze)