Royal Starzzz

(2009) p,5,1.51.2z $41,879
Four Starzzz Shark
p,6,1.47.4m $2,758,648
Royal Freedom
p,6,1.53.0s $136,012
Cams Card Shark
p,3,1.50.0m $2,498,204
Windsun Dee
p,4,1.50.2m $1,055,176
Famous Fillie
p,3,2.01.3f $30,421
Cam Fella
Jefs Magic Trick
On The Road Again
Lap Dog
Kay Blue Chip
Ralph Hanover
Goldie Omaha
ROYAL FREEDOM p,6,1.53.0s $136,012 by Bilateral. Dam of:
ROYAL FORTUNE p,5,1.52.0f (m, Cams Fortune) Winner of 21 races and $262,681
At 2, winner of Reynolds Memorial div. at Pocono
ROYAL CAMELOT p,4,1.54.1f (g, Cams Fortune) Winner of 16 races and $153,329
At 2, winner of DSBF elim at Harrington
ROYAL STARZZZ p,5,1.51.2z (g, Four Starzzz Shark) Winner of 10 races and $41,879
Royal Bella (m, Cancun Hanover)
FAMOUS FILLIE p,3,2.01.3f $30,421 by Ralph Hanover. Dam of:
ROYAL FREEDOM p,6,1.53.0s (m, Bilateral) Winner of 17 races and $136,012. As Above.
HAPPY FLIRT p,6,1.57.0f (m, Happy Paysak) Winner of 43 races and $91,212. Dam of:
SAM REA p,7,1.57.4f (g, Space Shuttle) Winner of 12 races and $40,114
Grand Force p,3,2.02.1h (h, Shore Patrol) Winner of 4 races and $23,356
ROYAL FIGI p,4,2.00.0h (m, Nuclear Flash) Winner of 4 races and $13,953
Grand Flasher p,3,2.04.4h (g, Nuclear Flash) Winner of 1 race and $9,571
Mr Paycheck (g, Happy Paysak) Winner of $568
Famous Fergie (m, Fundamentalist)
Grand Fantana (h, Historic)
Grand Fete (h, Historic)
GOLDIE OMAHA p,2,T1.58.4m $111,650 by Armbro Omaha. Dam of:
RARE REVIEW p,6,1.54.1f (h, Jonquil Hanover) Winner of 51 races and $773,626
ROYAL GOLDIE p,5,1.55.0s (m, Happy Paysak) Winner of 22 races and $116,891. Dam of:
GOLDIES GIRL p,5,1.57.3h (m, Dexter Nukes) Winner of 12 races and $41,538
STONEHOUSE JASON p,7,1.58.4f (g, Threefold) Winner of 24 races and $52,365
WANNAKEEPER p,4,1.57.3f (m, Ralph Hanover) Winner of 7 races and $46,694
Famous Fillie p,3,2.01.3f (m, Ralph Hanover) Winner of $30,421. As Above.
SWEET DIGNITY p,3,1.57.0f (m, Ralph Hanover) Winner of 5 races and $22,894. Dam of:
GRAND SALUTE p,4,1.57.2f (h, Bilateral) Winner of 11 races and $67,512
GRAND SHARK p,4,1.59.2h (h, Bilateral) Winner of 13 races and $20,446
Gungaloo p,2,2.03.0f (m, Dexter Nukes) Winner of 2 races and $9,272
Royal Shield (g, Bilateral)
Grand Splash (h, Historic)
Dignibee (m, Kettle Bee)
Rare Paycheck p,3,2.00.3f (g, Happy Paysak) Winner of 2 races and $6,855
Grand Glitz (m, Bilateral)
Heart Lite (m, Jade Prince)
Inspired Style (m, Ralph Hanover)
Nellie Blue (m, Ralph Hanover). Dam of:
RED RIVER FLOOD p,6,1.59.3h (g, Take A Look) Winner of 6 races and $71,492