Rubies N Gold

(2012) 2,Q2.06.4f $5,778
Sand Vic
5,1.51.2m $2,178,117
Emilys Program
3,Q2.00.1f $91,924
Mr Vic
3,1.54.2m $318,942
Cindy Q
Program Speed
2,1.56.1m $345,007
Emilys Victory
Valley Victory
Miss Marita
American Winner
Yankee Mommy
Super Bowl
Classic Casette
Crystas Crown
Victorians Pride
EMILYS PROGRAM 3,Q2.00.1f $91,924 by Program Speed. Dam of:
EMILY DO 5,1.54.4f (m, Cr Commando) Winner of 16 races and $167,172 Dam of:
Allindotime (h, Andover Hall) Winner of $600. Now 2
I Do Matter (m, Explosive Matter). Now 3
Private Education 5,2.00.2h (m, Enjoy Lavec) Winner of 12 races and $46,355 Dam of:
Master Kingpin 2,2.05.2h (g, Master Lavec) Winner of 3 races and $47,095. Now 3
Audie Mo (h, Cr Commando) Winner of $4,800
Merry Anders (m, Anders Bluestone). Now 2
Unnamed 3K860 (h, Cr Commando)
DONT TELL GEORGE 3,1.59.0s (h, Sand Vic) Winner of 9 races and $26,023
Rubies N Gold 2,Q2.06.4f (m, Sand Vic) Winner of $5,778
Emilys Policy 2,Q2.03.1h (m, Political Briefing) Winner of $2,391
Alpine Chic (m, Cr Commando) Winner of $1,807. Now 2
Emilys Ego (m, Donerail) Winner of $560 Dam of:
Harpers Ego (m, Giant Hit) Winner of $10,000
Vics Ego (h, Sand Vic) Winner of $2,547
Self Pride (m, Mutineer) Winner of $1,638. Now 2
Sand In My Shoes (h, Sand Vic)
Hailey Rose (m, Cr Renegade). Now 3
Emilys Feast (m, Mutineer)
Don’t Tell George (h, Sand Vic)
I Met A Girl (m, Cr Renegade). Yearling
Winbak Emmett (h, Donerail)
EMILYS VICTORY by Crystas Crown. Dam of:
Emilys Program 3,Q2.00.1f (m, Program Speed) Winner of 5 races and $91,924. As Above.
Warrant A Victory 2,2.03.0f (h, Program Speed) Winner of 1 race and $46,164
BOSS MAN JOE 4,1.57.3f (h, S Js Photo) Winner of 8 races and $38,206
Already There 3,Q2.01.0s (h, Striking Sahbra) Winner of 6 races and $32,301
First National 2,Q2.04.2f (h, Cr Commando) Winner of $30,000
Ellas Command (m, Cr Commando) Winner of $26,088
Victory Lady (m, Garland Lobell) Winner of $4,528. Dam of:
SANTO DOMINGO 7,1.54.3s (h, Amigo Hall) Winner of 25 races and $295,177
MCGILL 2,1.13.4 (h, Muscles Yankee) Winner of 6 races and NOK 279,678
Investor Class (m, Glidemaster)
Battle Won (h, Cr Commando)
French Creek (m, Dream Vacation). Dam of:
MYATTITUDEURPROBLM 5,Q1.58.3f (m, Cash Hall) Winner of 7 races and $29,837
Emilys Winner (m, Malabar Man)
VICTORIANS PRIDE by Lindys Pride. Dam of:
FITTING AND PROPER 3,T1.59.4m (m, Crystas Crown) Winner of 17 races and $113,090. Dam of:
BUZZIN DREAM 1.14.9 (h, Buzzin Brian) Winner of 2 races and SEK 159,292
Comtesse Cherie (m, Gobernador) Winner of SEK 8,500
Princess Gallant 1.19.3 (m, Meadow Gallant) Winner of SEK 7,250
Miss Cannes (m, Firm Tribute)
Buzzin Proper (m, Buzzin Brian)
Antibes (m, Meadow Gallant)
Bordeaux (h, Meadow Gallant)
ETHINDAS STAR 3,1.58.1s (m, Carry The Message) Winner of 7 races and $72,201. Dam of:
STARGAZER LILY 7,1.57.0f (m, Tejano) Winner of 22 races and $117,148
GUINEVERES STAR 4,1.57.1s (m, Cr Excalibur) Winner of 11 races and $112,311
Spinning Speed 4,2.01.0h (h, Cr Renegade) Winner of 3 races and $33,404
Entrada 1.16.0 (g, Dream Vacation) Winner of 5 races and NOK 128,500
Jailhouse Beauty 3,2.05.1h (m, Jailhouse Jesse) Winner of 3 races and $6,553
Zoras Dream 3,2.01.1f (m, Dream Vacation) Winner of 1 race and $1,874
Industry Leader (g, Political Briefing) Winner of $408
Kings Commando (m, Cr Commando)
Royal And Regal 4,2.02.2f (m, Dayan) Winner of 20 races and $68,496. Dam of:
J T Boga (h, Mess Hall)
I HAVE DREAMED 3,1.58.4m (m, Crystas Crown) Winner of 9 races and $59,236. Dam of:
Esterel Rivarco 3,1.15.5 (h, Kramer Boy) Winner of EUR 76,964
Count Of Rivarco 4,1.15.0 (h, Lemon Dra) Winner of EUR 49,449
Nutshell Rivarco 1.16.9 (m, Pine Chip) Winner of EUR 6,821
Illyria Rivarco 1.15.9 (m, Varenne ) Winner of EUR 1,973
Delphine Rivarco 3,1.19.5 (m, Sugarcane Hanover) Winner of EUR 1,602
Legend Rivarco 1.16.7 (m, Supergill) Winner of EUR 937
Fantasy Rivarco (m, S Js Photo)
Ophelia Rivarco (m, Fairbank Gi)
Paride Rivarco (h, Ganymede)
Russel Rivarco (h, Turbo Sund)
Proud Victorian p,4,2.00.3h (h, Tamerlane) Winner of 47 races and $54,368
MARK OF VICTORY 8,1.59.3m (g, Bonefish) Winner of 9 races and $40,591
CHECK IT OUT 8,1.59.0f (g, Bonefish) Winner of 15 races and $32,103
Miss Do Bee Do (m, Crystas Crown) Winner of $10,883. Dam of:
Gia Do Be Quick (h, Giant Triumph) Winner of $2,642
Whaaa Zup Zaydee (h, Giant Triumph) Winner of $528
Gts Rocketeer (h, Giant Triumph)
Bold And Able 6,2.03.2f (g, Bonefish) Winner of 7 races and $9,261
Lady Victorian p,5,2.03.0f (m, Bonefish) Winner of 2 races and $8,879
Kevins Crown 4,Q2.06.1h (g, Crystas Crown) Winner of 4 races and $4,698
Princess Victorian (m, Tamerlane). Dam of:
CROWN VICTORIAN 3,1.59.1h (m, Crystas Crown) Winner of 21 races and $133,498
SWEET LITTLE DEVIL 4,1.59.3f (m, Carry The Message) Winner of 9 races and $56,226
Noble Victorian 5,2.01.3f (h, Homesick) Winner of 14 races and $15,589
Victorians Crown 2,2.08.0f (m, Crystas Crown) Winner of 4 races and $8,198
Kellys Crown 3,2.03.0m (m, Crystas Crown) Winner of 1 race and $1,214
Lucky Lisa (m, Crystas Crown) Winner of $150
Themessageis (g, Carry The Message)
Look Smart (h, Carry The Message)
Proud Emily (m, Sand Chaser)
Crowning Star (h, Crystas Crown)
Davids Express (h, Carry The Message)
Emilys Princess (m, Carry The Message)
Emilys Song (m, Crystas Crown). Dam of:
Kevins Sensation 2,2.11.0h (g, Carry The Message) Winner of 1 race and $3,263
Carry On Nick (h, Carry The Message)
Emilys Victory (m, Crystas Crown). As Above.
Tantallon Fling (m, Crystas Crown). Dam of:
HAVE N AGO 4,1.59.2f (g, A Go Go Lauxmont) Winner of 9 races and $8,521
Z Count (h, Dream Of Glory)
Aggregate Sum (h, Mr Chin)