Scootin Jack

(2014) $2,290
May I Say
p,3,1.53.1f $30,565
Scootin Mattie
Western Hanover
p,3,1.50.4m $2,541,647
p,2,1.53.4m $161,976
Water Tower
p,3,1.50.4m $465,617
p,3,1.54.0m $139,437
No Nukes
Wendymae Hanover
Delinquent Account
Matts Scooter
Sadie Allen
SCOOTIN MATTIE by Water Tower. Dam of:
Scootin Jack (g, May I Say) Winner of $2,290
MATTERIALISTIC p,3,1.54.0m $139,437 by Matts Scooter. Dam of:
OSTENTATIOUS p,3,1.54.1s (m, Falcon Seelster) Winner of 16 races and $144,268
GIRASOLE p,4,1.54.3f (m, Admirals Galley) Winner of 17 races and $72,907
WHITEWATERGATE p,6,1.56.4f (m, Presidential Ball) Winner of 22 races and $52,528. Dam of:
WHITEWATER DELIGHT p,3,1.56.1h (g, Bettors Delight) Winner of 3 races and $9,042
Whiteys Casey (m, Pacific Fella)
WINGNUT p,4,1.54.3s (h, A Stud Named Sue) Winner of 5 races and $37,176
PROCTOR N GAMBIT p,5,2.00.0f (m, Jeremys Gambit) Winner of 3 races and $19,123. Dam of:
Dixie Baby (m, As Promised)
Mjjz Cheque Mate (h, As Promised)
WATER MASTER p,3,1.58.4f (g, Water Tower) Winner of 2 races and $7,507
Scootin Mattie (m, Water Tower). As Above.
Sweet Sophia Kir (m, Falcon Seelster)
Matt In The Ring (m, Presidential Ball)
SADIE ALLEN by Tyler B. Dam of:
MATTERIALISTIC p,3,1.54.0m (m, Matts Scooter) Winner of 7 races and $139,437. As Above.
SADIEBUG p,5,1.54.0m (m, Vine Street) Winner of 13 races and $51,586. Dam of:
Buggitybuggity (m, Dontgetinmyway)
Red Bug (m, Red River Hanover)
ROMEO SCOOT p,4,1.56.0s (h, Direct Scooter) Winner of 18 races and $33,312
ALLRIGHT ALLEN 3,1.58.3f (h, Falcons Future) Winner of 4 races and $11,483
Happy Sadie p,4,2.00.3f (m, Vine Street) Winner of 7 races and $9,822
Tyler Tower (h, Water Tower) Winner of $1,347
City Toughy (g, Matts Scooter) Winner of $640
T A Scooterish (m, Direct Scooter) Winner of $400
Guitars Cadillacs (g, Jet Laag)
Beach Games (m, Beach Towel)
Scoot Loose (m, Direct Scooter). Dam of:
LOOSE CASH p,4,1.53.3f (m, Admirals Galley) Winner of 30 races and $111,707
BREAKIN LOOSE p,6,1.53.2f (h, Admirals Galley) Winner of 20 races and $82,812
CODE WHITE p,3,1.58.3f (h, Admirals Galley) Winner of 5 races and $18,758
SHAMELESS p,2,1.59.1f (m, Admirals Galley) Winner of 10 races and $15,940
Scoottovictorylane p,4,2.03.2f (m, Tulane) Winner of 1 race and $6,499
Right Now p,2,2.06.3h (m, Admirals Galley) Winner of 1 race and $2,461
Pushover (m, Admirals Galley) Winner of $605
Red N Blue Time (m, Cams Catch)
Getaway Gal (m, Tulane)
Smacmm (h, Vine Street)