She Escapes Me

(2011) p,4,1.59.0h $27,616
Cams Fortune
p,6,1.52.3f $800,384
Escape Angel
p,6,1.59.3h $13,758
Cam Fella
p,4,1.53.1m $2,041,367
Lucky Lady
p,3,1.55.0m $591,857
p,3,1.49.3z $1,469,461
Angelina Ballerina
p,5,1.54.3m $58,719
Most Happy Fella
Nan Cam
Striking Image
Just Our Luck
Delinquent Account
Falcon Almahurst
Contessa Goldie
ESCAPE ANGEL p,6,1.59.3h $13,758 by Artiscape. Dam of:
PACIFIC ESCAPE p,5,1.56.2h (h, Pacific Fella) Winner of 21 races and $84,942
GETAWAY GOLD p,7,1.57.3h (m, Allamerican Ingot) Winner of 12 races and $48,370
SHE ESCAPES ME p,4,1.59.0h (m, Cams Fortune) Winner of 6 races and $27,616
Beautiful Bob p,4,2.00.0h (h, Cams Fortune) Winner of 1 race and $9,640
Hustle Russell (h, Rustler Hanover). Now 2
ANGELINA BALLERINA p,5,1.54.3m $58,719 by Falcon Almahurst. Dam of:
DANCING FELLA p,3,1.57.1h (h, Pacific Fella) Winner of 11 races and $49,402
ESCAPE ANGEL p,6,1.59.3h (m, Artiscape) Winner of 3 races and $13,758. As Above.
Stormy Direct p,5,2.00.3h (h, Direct Scooter) Winner of 4 races and $11,491
Hey Sweet Angel (m, Presidential Ball)
CONTESSA GOLDIE by Bye Bye Sam. Dam of:
ANGELINA BALLERINA p,5,1.54.3m (m, Falcon Almahurst) Winner of 11 races and $58,719. As Above.
STAKE YOUR CLAIM p,3,1.57.2m (h, High Ideal) Winner of 15 races and $54,450
GOLDEN p,3,1.59.0m (h, High Ideal) Winner of 1 race and $32,785
FLOATING p,3,1.59.3f (m, Falcon Almahurst) Winner of 11 races and $21,759
On Golden Pond p,4,2.01.2f (m, Falcon Almahurst) Winner of 8 races and $17,469. Dam of:
FULL PACKAGE p,1.56.2 (g, Barnett Hanover) Winner of 18 races and $144,821
Well Placed (m, Rich And Spoilt)
Precious Gold (g, Precious Fella)
New York Fella (h, Precious Fella)