Terro Franco N

(1998) p,5,1.54.2f $50,017
Falcon Seelster
p,3,1.51.0h $1,121,045
Take Over Franco
Warm Breeze
p,4,1.53.1m $254,168
Fashion Trick
p,5,1.59.0m $62,227
Holmes Hanover
p,4,1.54.2m $430,787
Bret Hanover
Touch Of Spring
Meadow Child
Hazel Hanover
Lumber Dream
TAKE OVER FRANCO by Holmes Hanover. Dam of:
TERRO FRANCO N p,5,1.54.2f (m, Falcon Seelster) Winner of 10 races and $50,017 Dam of:
RODDYS GIRL p,7,1.53.3f (m, Roddys Bags Again) Winner of 26 races and $232,404
FRAN LUCK p,7,1.52.2f (m, Cams Fortune) Winner of 17 races and $152,524
FRIENDSNHEARTBEAT p,4,1.53.3f (m, Roddys Bags Again) Winner of 9 races and $103,261
Gateway Lady (m, Roddys Bags Again) Winner of $3,400. Now 3
Dragon Terro (m, Dragon Again) Winner of $112
N Yo Face (m, Roddys Bags Again). Now 2
Buy Up (h, Mystical Shark)
Franco Takeafter (g, Falcon Seelster)
Franco Theory p,2.07.1 (g, Falcon Seelster)
Millwood Becqui (m, Live Or Die) Dam of:
PARTY GIRL BECQUI p,1.55.8 (m, Partywiththebigdog) Winner of 13 races and $131,341
REGAL STRIDE p,1.55.2 (h, Mach Three) Winner of 19 races and $95,068
OHOKA MACH p,1.55.2 (g, Mach Three) Winner of 11 races and $72,187
TOKOHOKA p,1.57.7 (g, Art Major) Winner of 4 races and $31,471
GOOD GIRL BECQUI p,1.58.9 (m, Christian Cullen) Winner of 2 races and $18,525
Courageous Becqui (m, Courage Under Fire)
Delightful Jack (h, Bettors Delight)
Millwood D Michelle (m, Badlands Hanover) Dam of:
Frankie D (h, Washington Vc)
Millie Jones (m, Klondike Kid)
Springfield Cal Neva p,2.06.0 (m, Ohoka Arizona)
Millwood Memphis p,2.06.4 (m, Badlands Hanover) Dam of:
Miss Arizona (m, Ohoka Arizona)
Millwood Paige p,2.10.9 (m, Badlands Hanover)
TOKORANGI by Lumber Dream. Dam of:
POWER AND GLORY N p,7,1.53.4f (g, Vance Hanover) Winner of 17 races and $166,922
Tokorangi Franco p,2.03.2 (m, Neros B B) Winner of 2 races and $9,610. Dam of:
FRANCO TAKE CARE N p,8,1.55.2f (g, Holmes Hanover) Winner of 17 races and $159,394
TORLESSE FRANCO N p,6,1.55.4f (m, Falcon Seelster) Winner of 19 races and $90,671
AWESOME DEAL p,6,1.53.3m (g, Live Or Die) Winner of 16 races and $57,701
Woodlea Fire p,2.00.8 (g, Courage Under Fire) Winner of 5 races and $26,001
FRANCO TEMPT ME p,1.59.5 (g, Holmes Hanover) Winner of 5 races and $20,505
Woodlea Sioux p,2.05.3 (g, Elsu) Winner of $2,610
WOODLEA SHARK p,1.58.9 (g, Mystical Shark)
Franco To Be (g, Caprock)
Franco Triste p,2.11.0 (g, Falcon Seelster)
Franco Tycoon (g, Falcon Seelster)
Tricky Franco p,2.03.0 (m, Live Or Die)
Truant Franco p,2.07.5 (m, Holmes Hanover)
Woodlea BB p,2.06.7 (g, Armbro Operative)
Witchcraft p,2.05.1 (m, Historic Time) Winner of 2 races and $7,125. Dam of:
Hekate (m, Vance Hanover)
Jive (m, Jive Talk)
Sokys Witch (m, Sokys Atom)
Take Over Franco (m, Holmes Hanover). As Above.
Taurus Franco p,2.00.3 (m, Ok Bye)
2.00.3MS. Dam of:
Blitzstein (g, Blissfull Hall)
Annette Florence (m, Honest Master). Dam of:
Babette (m, Butler B G) Winner of $39,598
Firenze (m, Insutcha)
Mister Beehan (g, Sokys Atom)
Pay Something (m, Paysons Brother)
Ruthless Ann (m, Totally Ruthless)
Sweet Molly Malone (m, Insutcha)
Alfred (h, Hitchcock)
Annette Vance (m, Vance Hanover)
Franco Trend (g, Bo Scots Blue Chip)
Its A Boy (g, Fortune Builder)
  VONNELL by Van Hanover. Dam of:
TREVIRA (h, Scottish Command) Winner of $119,945
TRILOBAL p,8,1.59.0f (g, Nevele Bigshot) Winner of 14 races and $31,644
Tricotine (m, Boyden Hanover). Dam of:
Royceden (g, Smooth Fella) Winner of 9 races and $23,937
Afella Royce p,2.03.7 (g, Smooth Fella) Winner of 2 races and $1,540
Royce Roller (g, Smooth Fella) Winner of $60
Thea Royce p,2.07.2 (m, Noodlum)
Tri Royce (m, Windshield Wiper)
Hardy Royce (g, Knight And Deigh)
Jaguar Royce (h, Jaguar Spur)
Just Royce (g, Plat du Jour)
Lobelia Royce p,2.06.7 (m, Oblivion)
Cambric (m, Gaines Minbar). Dam of:
Chequers (g, Clever Innocence) Winner of $32,895
Chikala (m, Greener Pastures)
Orlana (m, Lazer Beam)
Tokorangi (m, Lumber Dream). As Above.
Trecarno (m, Locarno). Dam of:
Get Extra Smart (h, Knight And Deigh) Winner of $32,870
Mister Trecarno (g, Clever Innocence)
Trelana (m, Berry Hanover). Dam of:
Jack And Jill (m, Majestic Chance)
Marshall Knight (h, Knight And Deigh)
Reigning King (g, Apollos Way)
Reigning Prince (h, Adios Vic)
Thyne Eyes (h, Flying Vance)