Waiting For Cash
(2011) $1,424
Cash Hall
5,T1.51.1h $622,803
Self Possessed
1.51.3 $1,346,390
Victory Dream
Feeling Great
Chatty Hanover
Super Bowl
3,Q2.01.1h $5,317
2,1.55.4m $703,049
Valley Victory
Golden Psalm
Armbro Goal
Les Celestes
First Dam:

ANTICIPATION 3,Q2.01.1h by Donerail. Dam of:
PRETTY PAPER 4,1.57.3f (m, Credit Winner). Winner of 9 races and $47,603.
Waiting For Cash (g, Cash Hall). Winenr of $1,424. Now 2.
Street Fighter (h, Classic Photo). Winner of $550.
Second Dam:

GOLDEN PSALM by Armbro Goal. Dam of:
Golden Stretch 1.15.0 (h, Malabar Man). Winner of 7 races and NOK 164,208.
RS GIGGLES 4,1.55.4f (m, Revenue). Winner of 7 races and $100,735.
PICTURE MAKER 5,1.55.2s (m, Classic Photo). Winner of 12 races and $63,256.
PINSTRIPE PINUP 3,1.59.1f (m, Muscles Yankee). Winner of 6 races and $40,482.
Anticipation 3,Q2.01.1h (m, Donerail). Winner of $5,317. As Above.
Golden Grammy (m, Muscles Yankee). Winner of $4,046.
Third Dam:

LES CELESTES by Kawartha Mon Ami. Dam of:
BACKSTREET GUY 6,T1.54.4m (h, Lindys Crown). Winner of 30 races and $754,573.
DOWNTOWN MAN 3,1.55.4m (h, Lindys Crown). Winner of 12 races and $275,460. At 3, winner of div. of Hiram Woodfuff, elim and Final of Charles Smith, NJSS Final at The Meadowlands.
GOLDEN PSALM (m, Armbro Goal). Winner of 5 races and $106,417. As Above.
Classic Crown 3,2.01.1m (m, Lindys Crown). Winner of 2 races and $23,979. Dam of:
Ugrumov 3,1.16.4 (h, Indro Park) Winner of EUR 64,226.
Tiepolo 6,1.16.6 (h, Zebu) Winner of EUR 32,332.
Zarina 4,1.17.1 (m, Supergill) Winner of EUR 28,535.
Peggy R 3,2.01q (m, Meadow Road). Winner of 3 races and $20,244. Dam of:
PRESTO HANOVER 4,1.58.4f (h, Super Bowl) Winner of 13 races and $44,915.
Les Celebrity 3,2.03.1h (m, Mr Lavec). Winner of 1 races and $11,418. Dam of:
BLADE 7,1.59.1h (h, Enjoy Lavec) Winner of 27 races and $184,448.
BLAZIN DELORES 3,1.59.1h (m, Revenue) Winner of 11 races and $78,383.
FANTASY YANKEE 3,1.56.3m (m, Muscles Yankee) Winner of 3 races and $63,805.At 2, winner of Arden Downs div. at The Meadows, NJSS at Freehold
Touch Marvel 5,2.00.3h (m, Enjoy Lavec) Winner of 9 races and $29,031.
Hoodoo You Love (m, Lindys Crown). Dam of:
GREAT ADVENTURE 3,1.57m (h, Donerail) Winner of 10 races and $137,018.
TIGER ON THE PROWL 7,1.56.3s (h, King Conch) Winner of 16 races and $120,663.
LADY CAVIAR 3,1.58.2f (m, Sjs Caviar) Winner of 2 races and $41,534.
ABSOLUTELY FABULUS 4,1.59.1h (h, Baltic Speed) Winner of 9 races and $19,427.
Forever Together (m, Harmonious). Dam of:
FORDIMENSIONAL 5,1.59.3f (m, Earl) Winner of 20 races and $81,361.
Earls Fortune 5,2.03.2h (h, Earl) Winner of 10 races and $29,133.