(2011) 5,1.55.4f $146,814
Cr Commando
2,1.53.2z $378,602
Petite Windswept
3,2.01.1f $41,116
Royal Troubador
2,1.57.1m $899,501
Airborne Gal
A Worthy Lad
3,1.57.3f $446,858
Beauty Windswept
6,1.59.3f $67,803
Super Bowl
Mae Jeans Crown
Laurna Jean
Worthy Bowl
Baltic Speed
Allwin Beauty
PETITE WINDSWEPT 3,2.01.1f $41,116 by A Worthy Lad. Dam of:
WINMANDO 5,1.55.4f (g, Cr Commando) Winner of 13 races and $146,814
Judge Onthe Bench 3,2.02.0h (g, Tejano) Winner of 5 races and $56,829
Mt Gilead Girl 4,2.00.3f (m, Malabar Man) Winner of 2 races and $13,481
Tricias Banner (m, Cr Commando) Winner of $11,800
Top Feature (g, Cr Commando) Winner of $225
Petite Juan (m, Tejano)
Spirit Windswept (m, Cr Commando)
Lynn Den (m, Giant Hit)
Miss Jermantown (m, Giant Hit)
BEAUTY WINDSWEPT 6,1.59.3f $67,803 by Baltic Speed. Dam of:
MR BEAU WINDSWEPT 5,1.57.2f (h, Tagliabue) Winner of 16 races and $136,304
LUCKY WINDSWEPT 6,1.58.0h (h, Cumin) Winner of 15 races and $77,597
Petite Windswept 3,2.01.1f (m, A Worthy Lad) Winner of 3 races and $41,116. As Above.
Tally Windswept (m, Trade Balance) Winner of $560
Princess Windswept (m, Lindy Lane)
Bee Bee Windswept (m, Banker Hall)
Brody Winswept (h, Broadway Hall)
Cancan Windswept (m, American Winner)
Deuce Windswept (g, Cumin)
ALLWIN BEAUTY by Speedy Rodney. Dam of:
TARA WINDSWEPT 4,2.00.1m (m, Ayres) Winner of 28 races and $257,762. Dam of:
JOIE WINDSWEPT 6,1.58.3f (g, Joie De Vie) Winner of 37 races and $115,765
Power Mate 3,2.00.3m (g, Baltic Speed) Winner of 14 races and $82,301
RHETT WINDSWEPT 3,2.00.0m (g, Baltic Speed) Winner of 5 races and $42,747
JOY WINDSWEPT 4,1.59.4f (m, Joie De Vie) Winner of 9 races and $31,011
Major Windswept (g, Rule The Wind) Winner of $852
Tailor Windswept (g, Joie De Vie)
Tiara Windswept (m, Speedy Scot)
REBEL WINDSWEPT 5,1.58.4f (h, Speedy Somolli) Winner of 22 races and $181,511
SAILIN WINDSWEPT 5,1.58.2m (h, Bonefish) Winner of 11 races and $67,833
BEAUTY WINDSWEPT 6,1.59.3f (m, Baltic Speed) Winner of 11 races and $67,803. As Above.
Colonel Windswept 5,2.01.3m (g, Ayres) Winner of 33 races and $62,371
Romeo Windswept 5,2.02.1f (h, T V Yankee) Winner of 12 races and $59,285
Speedy Windswept 6,2.01.1f (g, Baltic Speed) Winner of 5 races and $13,825
Kiwi Windswept (m, T V Yankee) Winner of $4,088. Dam of:
Ts Fruitfool (m, Keystone Fool)
Ts Tamarack (h, Arnwood)
Allwin Beau p,4,2.10.3h (g, Songcan) Winner of 3 races and $1,028
Dixie Windswept (m, Carlisle) Winner of $20. Dam of:
DOXOLOGY p,5,1.58.4m (h, Jurgy Hanover) Winner of 15 races and $22,877
Confederate Lass 3,2.02.3f (m, Defiant Yankee) Winner of 4 races and $8,901
Beau Windswept (h, T V Yankee)
Allwin Bandit (h, Songcan)